5 Wedding Photography Tips for Couples

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Everyone tries to keep the special moments of their life close to their heart. It is like the memories that are attached to the objects or assets add life and hence have so much value. The same is the case with wedding photos. Getting married on a heavenly bright day to give your life that tiny fairytale element is a dream of many. A wedding is one of the most auspicious and special events of an individual’s life. It is a huge and unforgettable part of one’s life. It is something that one wishes to relieve every day. People invest a lot of money in weddings.

There are many features that contribute to a successful wedding, such as taking care of the decorations, the food buffet, greeting and serving the in-laws and guests, and other such arrangements. And most of the time, it so happens that amidst all these hectic activities, the couple is unable to take creative and memorable photographs on that special day. Capturing the perfect photos is not an easy task. Hence, listed below are some unique tips to help married couples capture their once-in-a-lifetime occasion with grace and style.

  • The culturally rich Hindu wedding is filled with traditional rituals that one cannot skip. Every ritual practice is important, and it is hard to capture the right moments. So, if you are getting married in London, providing a list of the rituals to the Asian wedding photographer in London will come in handy in making the shoot preparations so that the lens misses no rite or ritual.
  • In most Indian Hindu weddings, the clothing line of the bride and the groom is vibrant, heavy, and too beautiful to even look at. Hence, during this Hindu wedding photography session, keeping the type of material and design the dress is made of, you can experiment with some likely, yet creative poses. The photographer will take care of the creativity part, while the couple needs to try poses that make them look elegant and comfortable at the same time.

Hindu weddings

  • Try to organize a pre-wedding photographer and discuss all the events where the professional is needed. You can also discuss the price negotiations beforehand. It will allow the couple to know the professional better and hence, will feel comfortable around them during the shoot. Also, ask if they provide videography services or not.
  • Make sure that along with the poses, the photographer captures unexpected candid’s as well as behind-the-scenes happenings as well. And, although the main highlight of a wedding is the beautiful couple while taking family and group pictures, the group should be allowed to converse more and pose less. It will help in getting rid of stereotypical pictures and give a more modern outlook to the group wedding photos.
  • For pre-wedding and post-wedding, discuss the location and other essential requirements beforehand. If the pre or the post-wedding shoot is indoors, make sure you have the right lighting and seating arrangement. If you are doing it outdoors, make sure that the props and other necessary arrangements are made for the smooth commencement of the shoot.

Now that you are well acquainted with the above-mentioned photography tips, you can help in contributing creative ideas during the shoot. All you have to do is find camera professionals experienced in this respective field. But if it is an Asian wedding, getting hands-on with a good wedding videographer in London is a hectic task. But, worry not! There are many related service providers, such as ‘Visionary Photography.’ It houses professional photographers known to provide quality services at reasonable rates in Hounslow, London, UK. They click breathtaking clicks of Asian cultural weddings.


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