Reversing Balding with Proven Methods

Balding with Proven Methods

Your hair will get thinner and less plentiful if you have male pattern baldness. If you have this disorder, you may experience hair loss or bald spots on your head. There are some proven methods by experts that can reverse baldness

Can male baldness be reversed?

The main reason for male baldness are the stages of male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia, as is known to medical professionals. In reality, most American males will experience hair loss problems at some point in their adult lives.

Your hair loss doesn’t have to be irreversible because cosmetic procedures can be used to reverse male balding. Platelet-rich plasma therapy, or PRP therapy, is one of the greatest methods for regrowing hair. This cutting-edge therapy reduces hair loss and heals ligaments, muscles, and joints.

What advantages does PRP therapy provide for treating my male pattern baldness?

PRP therapy treats hair loss by utilising growth factors found in the blood. Once we have taken a small sample from your blood, we can cleanse it by spinning it for 10 minutes in a centrifuge. We can separate the platelets in the blood using this procedure. The PRP substance will then be injected using a syringe into the areas where you lose hair.

After your consultation, we’ll advise you to refrain from using abrasive conditioners and shampoos for a few days. You won’t need to take action on your hair for a few days; go about your usual business.

Can I Address My Hair Loss Using Other Methods?

We have a wide range of different hair restoration methods in addition to PRP therapy. These therapies include oral and topical medicines, dietary supplements, and laser light therapy. We may combine these methods to enhance your appearance depending on the state of your hair.

Men’s hair loss remedies

The NHS has approved two medications as treatment options for male baldness in the UK. Finasteride and minoxidil are used as treatments.

Finasteride (i.e. Propecia)

Male pattern baldness is treated with the prescription drug finasteride. The well-known brand-named hair loss medication Propecia contains it as an active component.

Additionally, it is marketed under the name Finasteride as a generic drug.

The tablet form of finasteride/Propecia is available and ought to be taken without missing a beat. It lowers the amount of DHT, which helps prevent hair loss or inhibits testosterone’s transformation to DHT. Only male pattern baldness sufferers are allowed to use finasteride. Women should not use it. Balding or for anyone else who is experiencing other sorts of hair loss.

The side effects of finasteride should not be overlooked. Do your research before starting a regimen.

Minoxidil (i.e. Regaine)

Another medication that has been shown to stop hair loss in male pattern baldness sufferers is minoxidil. Minoxidil does not require a prescription, in contrast to finasteride. Both high street pharmacies and online retailers sell minoxidil. Most frequently, it is sold under the trade name Regaine. Be sure to research minoxidil side effects before starting this product.

In males with male pattern baldness, daily usage of minoxidil can be quite successful in stopping hair loss. But it is not as efficient as Finasteride (Propecia). According to one study, 60% of men who used minoxidil saw improvements, as opposed to 90% of men who have used finasteride for over five years.




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