The Often Overlooked Services Your Car Needs

Services Your Car Needs

Maintenance is always the biggest responsibility of every car owner to enjoy a smooth performance of vehicles. Most vehicle owners focus on only basic maintenance tasks, such as tire and oil replacements. However, they overlook many other things that are essential to make their automobile parts long-lasting. Let us make a list of maintenance services often neglected by many car owners.

Timing belt replacement

Older cars manufactured 20 years ago come with timing belts, which are essential for the proper functioning of the engine. A slipping or broken timing belt will cause failure in the motor. This component is intended to operate the valves and pistons on your engine. You can read your manufacturer’s manual to know whether your vehicle has a timing belt. You should replace the belt after every 50,000 to 60,000 miles.

Transmission services

Like engines, car transmissions contain fluid that needs to be serviced regularly. That is why you should drain the transmission fluid and remove debris. Also, you have to replace the old fluid with a fresh one. If the transmission does not work properly, it will prevent you from driving the vehicle smoothly. For example, you may experience a bad fuel economy because of transmission issues.

Power steering fluid

Your car needs a power steering system that responds properly to the steering wheel’s movements. The system needs a fluid for hydraulic parts. Over time, grime accumulates in the liquid and affects your steering system’s performance. So, you can drive your car to a Peoria VW service center, for example, and replace the fluid.

Headlight brightness

Beams from your vehicle’s headlights should shine brightly. However, electrical issues are not always the cause of the dimness of your headline. In some cases, plastic or glass cases that surround the taillights and headlamps get stained by mineral deposits and dirt. So, remove the headlight cover and apply a cleaning agent. It will again become transparent, and you will find bright light.

Car’s air conditioner

You maintain the heating and cooling units of your home regularly. Similarly, your car’s AC system needs maintenance to make it long-lasting. During a long ride, you and your passengers will feel comfortable in your car. The vehicle’s AC maintenance technicians will find out the signs of leaks and lubricate the components of the system.


New vehicles that cover only a few miles on the odometer need no radiator flush. However, if it is an old car, use a radiator flush. Drain, remove, or refill the coolant reservoir of the vehicle. It will keep the reservoir free from contaminants, and your car’s engine will be cool. You should do this replacement every 2 to 3 years.

Fuel system

Your vehicle should have a clean fuel system to allow the flow of gas to the engine. Fuel injectors eliminate the residue that builds up over time. Maintain the longevity and performance of your fuel system.

So, these are some important considerations for car owners who need to maintain their vehicles. Connect with auto mechanics and get their professional services.


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