A Guide to Convex Mirrors

A Guide to Convex Mirrors

Convex mirrors can be a great, inexpensive way of improving both health and safety and security on a range of premises. These simple items have reflective surfaces that curve away from the viewer at the edges, allowing for a broad angled sightline.

Convex mirrors are common in places where traffic needs to be able to clearly see oncoming road users or pedestrians, but there are obstructions preventing a clear view from the driver’s seat. They are also used frequently in retail environments where staff need to be able to see obscured areas to discourage shoplifting and other negative activities. They’re such a useful tool because they are so simple to install and use, and are very inexpensive.

Health and safety

Warehouses, distribution centres and industrial sites use convex mirrors as part of their health and safety practice. These mirrors are a great way of ensuring that vehicle drivers, pallet truck workers and other staff can have the best possible view around blind spots – whether that is the end of high-racking rows, corridors or corners. Collisions in these environments can be dangerous to people as well as potentially very costly for the business, in terms of vehicle or equipment damage and also any stock.

Similarly, in construction sites and other outdoor areas where plant machinery or other vehicles need to pull in and out of a potentially narrow site entrance, or manoeuvre on the site itself, these mirrors can help to minimise the dangers. In any place where there is a concealed entrance/exit, tree, building or other obstruction that can’t be moved, consider installing a convex mirror.


Retail environments use convex mirrors to make sure the staff can keep an eye on all areas of the store, removing any blind spots that the criminally minded might seek to exploit. Well-placed mirrors will allow the person at the security desk or checkout to see at a glance what is occurring in otherwise unseen areas, reducing the risk of theft.

Another important security-related use case for convex mirrors is in conducting under-vehicle inspections. Whether looking for maliciously placed equipment, checking for illicit goods or simply making sure the undercarriage is intact and in good repair — the mirror means that security or maintenance personnel don’t need to get down on their hands and knees or have the vehicle lifted.

What is available?

You can find convex mirrors in a wide range of shapes and sizes. For health and safety purposes you’ll want a mirror with an eye-catching frame, to ensure that the mirror is easy to find in a cluttered environment. Outdoor users might want to consider a reflective frame, making the mirror easy to spot even in low-light conditions. Those using the mirror for security purposes can look more towards subtle frames, but with a focus on the clarity and sharpness of the image reflected from the mirror’s surface.

Where should the mirror go?

Typically, you’ll want the mirror to be reasonably high up, but easy to see from the cab of your forklift truck, plant machinery or checkout point. Make sure it is angled to provide the maximum view of the area that is at risk, and is unobstructed from all viewpoints.

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