3 Tips on How to Choose the Best Birthday Flowers

Best Birthday Flowers

Bringing in A New Year Properly

Everybody gets older, and after about the 35th birthday, each new year comes with such a frequency, it seems like only a month or so goes by. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t celebrate! That doesn’t mean you avoid surprise parties! That doesn’t mean it’s wrong to go “all out” at a party.

In South Korea, they have massive birthday parties for those who have made it many decades into life. It’s good to celebrate. Young or old, a birthday is something to put some time into.

That said, the decoration can be a bit of a challenge, we’ll focus on one aspect of birthday décor to help you really do a memorable job decorating: how to choose the best event flower arrangements.

  1. Something That Breaks the Mold and is Unique
    First, you want to think about the novelty approach. Birthdays are built for celebration which is outside the box. You might want to go with something totally unique; maybe flowers that are in every color of the rainbow. Here are some unique birthday flowers to consider if that’s the approach you’re considering for an upcoming birthday boy or birthday girl.
  2. Flowers That Won’t Cause Allergy Issues
    This is more of a general safety guideline than anything else. Some people are going to have severe allergic reactions to certain floral varieties, and that will put the brakes on fun at a birthday. Get an idea whether or not the person who is celebrating their birthday has any allergies. If they don’t, you’re good.

If you can’t quite determine whether or not someone is likely to have a reaction, a good rule of thumb is to simply avoid flowers known to initiate sneezing fits. Here is a list of several flowers known to initiate allergic reactions, as well as several that tend to be safe. Try to avoid the ones that cause allergies if you’re not exactly sure.

  1. Decorative Arrangements Complementing a Party Theme
    Finally, there’s the most obvious methodology for floral choice: flowers which match, reflect, or complement whatever party theme you’ve decided on. If you’re doing a Star Wars-themed birthday party, you might style some exotic orchids to look like aliens or something. Here are flowers associated with Star Wars for whatever reason, if that’s the sort of party you’re having.

If you’re doing a party designed to evoke high class from the sixties, you might want to lean into daisy chains. You get the idea: match the floral design to the thematic elements of the celebration.

The Best Birthday Flowers For an Upcoming Celebration

Floral decoration that matches the theme of the birthday party makes sense. If you want to be careful, avoid flowers that cause people to sneeze. Finally, when all else fails, lean into unique floral arrangements.

There are always ways you can switch things up a little bit. Provided you put the time in, and you’re passionate about it, the guest of honor will love whatever you choose.

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