5 Creative Ways to Quit Drinking Today

Quit Drinking Today

Quitting alcohol is easier said than done for most people. For most, they think of just quitting without considering the challenging nature of it. They have no steps to follow, like cutting back little by little, which can be problematic.

When you’re looking to quit drinking, you need the right strategy and not something to relapse. The idea, though, for the tips is all about taking care of yourself first before anything else. Here are five creative ways you can use to quit alcohol today.

Have A Plan

Before you get into anything, you need to plan how you are going to tackle the whole scenario. You need to research structures that can work for you and consider how long you have been drinking. Have a laid out long term plan, too, and visualize yourself there. When creating a plan, you also need to consider who you may call when you have the sudden urge to drink. Also, how will you cope when you don’t find that person in your support system?

Build A Support System

You need to build a robust support system around you if you’re sincere about quitting. It’s not like having people who will look at you and not say a word when you sneak a sip. You need something like the IAMACOMEBACK alcohol support group, you need coaches, true friends, sponsors, and even support groups. These should be the kind of people who won’t back upon you. They should also not be people who can put you in situations that may cause relapse. If they can, they should be pulling you off such problems.

Consult A Doctor

You may need medical advice, too, before you commit to this journey. Some withdrawal symptoms may be dangerous and may need medical help. In case there are some situations like this, you may need medication too.

Consider Medication

Not many consider medication as a means to stop alcoholism, but it can be an effective method. The Sinclair Method states that around 78 percent long term gain can be achieved through medication such as naltrexone. It is used to curb alcohol cravings in drinkers. There are roughly three types of medication that the FDA has approved to help curb alcohol cravings. Other than naltrexone, there are acamprosate and disulfiram.

Start Small and Find Ways to Replace Alcohol

This isn’t a small thing and should be handled in steps. First, you need to start small and build from there. Start by cutting back a bit from drinking and build momentum. You can cut back by replacing the times you drink with other activities.


Start going to the gym, as working out can keep your mind off the drink for a while. You can also consider taking up music or even art to fill up your schedule. Also, try replacing the drinking buddies’ bit-by-bit as you grow into soberness.


Drinking isn’t a habit that you can kick out overnight. It will help if you plan on how you’ll work on it. Here are a few steps you can follow to help you quit drinking. You can follow them in the same order if possible.






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