5 Great Reasons to Add Flower Fields to Your Travel Bucket List

If you’re planning your first vacation in a while, you may be overwhelmed by the opportunities to explore. Putting together a must-see list that suits your budget, comfort level, and desire to see the world can be tough.

One of the best attractions in recent years have been the stunning flower fields from around the world. Here are five reasons to add these amazing destinations to your travel bucket list.


Between transportation, accommodations, food, and attractions, travel can add up quickly. Fortunately, visiting the gorgeous flower fields of the world is an affordable way to spend the day— sometimes it’s even free.

Flower fields are an excellent option for budget travelers trying to fill their itineraries with fun attractions while keeping their budget intact. Be sure to research the flower field you’re visiting to determine whether there’s an admission fee or access restrictions. While some fields are on public lands, others belong to private landowners and should be respected as such.

Relaxing and Stress-Free

Travel isn’t always relaxing and fun; it can be stressful if you don’t get a good place like St Barts villas to stay and challenging to get from one place to another. Some world-famous destinations— Machu Picchu, for example— require multiple forms of transportation and plenty of advanced planning. If something goes wrong, the opportunity is missed.

Flower fields are not one of those destinations. As long as you arrive during the opening hours, you don’t have to worry about missing out on the opportunity. You can wander around without stressing about lineups or missing timeslots. Additionally, flowers have mood-boosting effects, which could help you combat any stress you’re already feeling. 

Supports Local Initiatives

Flower fields tend to be tended to by farmers, local landowners, or governmental park initiatives. Paying a small admission fee or purchasing a keepsake from one of the vendors around the field can help support the local economy of the place you’re visiting. 

Many large-scale attractions are owned by private corporations which don’t always treat their local employees and community well. Visiting smaller towns with small-scale and natural attractions allows you to practice conscientious travel, giving back to those who call your destination home. 

Great Photo Opportunity

There’s no shame in heading to a flower field because you want great photos from your vacation. There’s nothing more stunning than waves of color drifting in open fields for your Instagram or vacation album. Whether you’re surrounded by multicolored tulips or soft hues of lavender, the photos are sure to be stunning.

Fun and New

If you haven’t been to a flower field before, this is an opportunity to experience something new and fun. If you have been to a field before, no two are alike, so it’s still a great time! Consider adding these destinations to your list to shake things up on an otherwise predictable trip or build your entire vacation around this one attraction; the choice is yours.

Don’t forget to look for flower fields the next time you plan a vacation. Remember to treat the area with respect, taking only pictures and leaving only memories.

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