5 Mistakes You Should Avoid in Last-Mile Delivery

Last-Mile Delivery

Last-mile delivery is a crucial part of the entire delivery process and thus plays an important role in ensuring customer satisfaction. Nearly 61% of logistics companies have admitted that they struggle with this aspect of the delivery chain and it is usually their most ineffective process. Although efforts are being made to optimize last-mile delivery, you should try to avoid mistakes that may cost your business both time and money.

Here are five such common delivery mistakes:

1.     Using Outdated Technology

Automation and upgrading to the latest technology are essential for logistics companies who wish to thrive in this competitive modern world. So, you can’t keep using any form of outdated technology. By implementing and adopting the latest technology in your logistics strategies, you can boost your revenue and better cater to your customers. For instance, if you use supply-chain management software, it will allow you to increase visibility of key metrics and optimize efficiency throughout the delivery process.

2.     Insufficient Shipping Choices for the Customers

Most companies believe that every customer prefers free shipping. However, they need to understand that cheaper shipping isn’t always the best shipping. You will find customers that value other factors over the cost. For instance, a customer may prefer package security over shipping time. That is why you should consider factors like guaranteed delivery, short delivery time, delivery time slots, etc. over cheaper shipping rates and offer more options for your customers.

3.     Making Returns Difficult

Factors like narrow returns windows, expensive returns shipping, and difficult-to-find returns policies can all make for unhappy customers. So, you need to make your returns as easy as possible. If customers can easily find your return policies for various products and the return windows are generous, it will significantly improve their experience. You should also make sure to answer all returns-related questions promptly and thoroughly.

4.     Not Prioritizing Orders

You can’t treat all deliveries as equally important since you may have limited resources. That is why you should set priorities for orders based on the on-site location, urgency, servicing requirements, equipment available, etc. If you have a same-day delivery order, you need to come up with better solutions. For instance, you can use courier management software to make last-minute changes and adjustments and proactively offer solutions to potential client issues. This way you can re-route your team and re-prioritize work orders at a moment’s notice.

5.     Not Using Big Data Properly

Many logistics companies have access to huge volumes of data that they don’t utilize properly. Big data allows you to optimize the delivery process by using predictive analytics. You can rely on these insights to work on all aspects of last-mile delivery including rerouting, planning, and even inventory management.

Last-mile delivery has been gained more importance in recent years, especially with constantly rising customer demands and expectations.  If you wish to thrive in this market, you need to avoid these common mistakes and stay on the right track. Not only will you boost your revenues but you will also succeed in keeping your customers happy.


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