5 Reasons to Use Video Animation in Business Contexts

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Animated videos are being used widely by large and small businesses to reach more customers than ever before. When created perfectly, they are interesting to any consumer demographic and can be used to drive up conversion rates and increase engagement with customers.

With endless ways to market your business, you may wonder whether video animation will get the job done. So here are five reasons why video animation is crucial in business contexts:

1. Animation simplifies complex messages

Animation, unlike live-action videos, is more effective when it comes to presenting abstract or complex topics. As long as you engage experts, video animation services help clarify critical messaging in a way that is easier for the targeted audience to understand every bit.

A good example here would be something like explaining how time works in black holes or demonstrating how dreams work. If you were to use live action to demonstrate these two concepts, it would be unbearably difficult, even impossible – it’d be totally different when using animated videos or motion graphics.

2. Animated videos can’t ruin your brand image down the road

In video animation, the characters are imaginary, so they don’t have real lives that are subject to ethical and moral issues that can ruin your brand’s image. On the other hand, live-action requires the use of real actors who have real lives and can slip at a point in life.

If, for example, an actor in your live-action marketing video commits murder and is convicted for it, they can easily tarnish your brand since they have a direct connection with it. That’s never going to happen with animated videos.

3. Animation has universal appeal

When done correctly, animated videos will attract a global audience, and may not even need the use of a certain language for the audience to understand what the video is all about. Animation is naturally interesting, which is why kids can sit down for hours watching videos even without understanding the language completely.

You just have to engage the right video animation experts.

4. You can easily foster brand identity

Video animation gives you unlimited potential when it comes to creativity. You can design imaginative scenarios, custom characters, and unique visual styles that depict your brand personality effectively. With such freedom, it’s easy for a brand to use video animation to enforce a unique and recognizable identity that gains the interest of its target demographic.

Additionally, you can infuse animated videos with elements that reflect the unique values and culture of your business, thus creating a lasting impression on viewers that promotes brand loyalty.

5. Compelling CTAs

Another main benefit of animation is that it allows you to incorporate weighty Call To Action (CTA) into your videos. Thanks to the dynamic nature of animated videos, you can make your CTAs more persuasive without making it appear as if you are forcing anything on your customers.

The CTAs only have to be visually striking in a way that prompts the desired actions such as subscribing, exploring further, or even purchasing. This seamless enhancement improves the viewer experience and raises the conversion rates even further.

There you have it,

Animated videos should be a central element in the marketing strategy of your business, considering the weighty benefits that they offer.

When you work with video animation experts from The Sketch Effect, you can create content that will increase your brand’s reach and keep promoting it for longer periods.


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