5 Simple Morning Exercises to Make You Feel Great All Day

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Are you in search of some effective quick morning exercise routines to start your day? As living a super busy life, most of the people has put the personal well-being and health on the back burner. But always remember that no matter how hard life is, taking good care of your health should be your top priority. A good Personal Trainer in NYC always suggests to do the workouts in the morning, and that will keep you active all day.

Don’t feel stressed out as there are some easy to do exercises that will make you feel energetic throughout the day. In fact, the best celebrity trainer in NYC also suggests his/her clients practice those exercises. So, let’s have a look at those exercises.

1. Jumping Jacks

This is one of the simplest and effective exercises. Do this exercise every day in the morning, and it will help you to tone your deltoids and calf. Besides, this is an ideal cardio exercise. To do this, first stand straight, closing your feet and hands on the side. Now you need to jump and move your arms as well legs to the side. Then jump and return to your first position. Do this for around 25 to 30 times and gradually increase it. You can consult a celebrity trainer in NYC to bring some variation to it.

2. Go for a morning walk and jogging

Well, even though this is one type of outdoor exercise, you can also do that inside of your home using a treadmill. You can do it anytime you want, but prefer the morning time to get the best result. Set a daily goal and try to achieve it. Begin with walking and gradually convert it to running. This exercise will help you to develop stronger bones and you can keep your weight under control.

3. Cat and camel workout

This is a stretching exercise that helps in muscle toning, and you can prevent arthritis. This dynamic form of stretching workout will warm up your body for other exercises. For this, bring on all your fours on the mat. Now inhale and push your abdomen as well as pelvic upwards. Then bring your head towards the pelvis. This is called a camel pose. For cat pose, exhale, and arch the back and softly push your back towards the ground. Now, move your head upward. Do this for around 5 to 10 times for maximum impact. You can take the help of a professional Personal Trainer in NYC to learn it in a better way.

4. Single-Leg Glute Bridge

Staying in a sitting position for a long time can weaken the glutes. Besides, it will create lower back issues. You can activate them by doing this exercise. This is a perfect way to recharge your body. To do it, first lie down while keeping your face upward and bent the knees. Now, extend your right leg and use your left heel to lift your hips. Stay in that position for a few seconds and lower it down slowly. A Personal Trainer in NYC always suggests to do it for at least 2 minutes.

5. Double leg lift

This is the best ab exercise that influences the lower as well as upper abs. It may be a little challenging, but can be a perfect morning exercise.  Lie down facing upward on your mat. Now, extend your legs upwards and form a 90-degree angle. While doing this, keep the arms by your sides. Now smoothly lower the legs. Keep this for around 5 minutes.

You can take the help of a Personal Trainer in NYC to know about more such effective morning exercises. Practice them daily to stay active.



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