6 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas That Fit Your Next Renovation Project

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Although you may not spend a lot of time in your bathroom as you would do in your kitchen or living room, it can still have a significant impact on how much you love being at home. People love spending time in the bathroom, be it in the morning or at the end of the day.

From dipping yourself into the lukewarm water-filled huge bathing tub to jamming to your favorite music while brushing your teeth, there is so much that you can do here. It is the ultimate place to take a chill pill from worldly matters. Isn’t it?

But what a bummer it would be, if all of a sudden a piece of wall cladding from the ceiling falls on your head? Urghhh!!! This will be your reaction full of disappointment and annoyance.

Well, after all of this, let us inform you that it is time for you to consider taking up a bathroom remodel project. Anyways, if ever you are short of ideas for what new to do in here, then do not worry. We have got you with our amazing ideas that help you make this place better than before.

1. Shower Location

Designers prefer freeing up room for a double vanity and additional storage by making a small switch in the placement of the tub and tankless toilet area of the bathroom. They also render fun and modern look that makes the room feel light and airy.

2. Switch Flooring to Patterns

The prior super plain and boring white tiles on the floors of your bathroom can be replaced with slightly smaller, white, and grey tiles that form a small hexagon pattern. You will be amazed to see how much of a difference the transition makes!

3. Vintage Touch

The master bath of your home can have nice chandeliers, a golden-hued sconce, and a pair of wood top chairs. Aren’t all these accessories making your bathroom the one from the 20th century? Royal and posh!!!

4. Double Vanity

Many designers often prefer transforming a gloomy, confined space into a bright area with plenty of space. The concept of double vanity has plenty of cabinet space for storing cleaning products and freeing up counter space.

5. Textured Walls

Covering up 50 percent of the walls with beautiful and surreal wallpaper will make the space appear much more welcoming. You can add a pleasant touch of bluish-green leaves to this bath, as well as a new mirror and under-the-sink organizer.

6. Floating Storage

The floor-touching storage gets wet easily, which can ruin the wood used to make them. Hence, switching to floating cabinets is always a great idea to maintain their appearance and make the bathroom spacious.

Now that we are done with our ideas and tips let us top everything up with a piece of good news. As per the Remodeling’s 2018 Cost vs Value report, whenever you plan to sell your home, you can certainly expect a 70 percent Return-On-investment on a bathroom remodel.

Isn’t a bathroom remodeling project going to be a good deal for you? Let us know your views about it!





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