6 Best Travel Hacks For 2024 To Save Money

travel hacks for 2019

The number of travel enthusiasts has significantly grown in recent times. Travelling is not simply a fun affair though; it requires a proper strategy for best level satisfaction. In this context, given below are some interesting travel hacks to make things most cost effective for travellers.

  1. Save your internet cost; download ‘Google Map offline!

Needless is to say about how much helpful can be the ‘Google Map’ for the tourists. However, there may come some occasions where internet facility may not be available always. No need to be worried in such places though. If you have enough battery on your phone, that can be enough. All you need is to type ‘OK Map’ to download Google Map on to our device. Yes, make sure there is enough space available. This is one of the coolest travel hacks that can be tried by anyone.

Best Travel hacks 2019
  • Save money for your travel booking:

Some people suffer a lot of curse by working hard to accumulate money for fulfilling their passion for travel. However, such people should have it in mind that travelling is not as expensive as they think. Some sites offer free cash back letting the users get the money back from various online buying. It means one can utilise the money saved through these strategies for booking purpose. Moreover, this is many avid travellers try a proven travel hacks to save money.

Best travel hacks
  • No need to buy a pillow

This can be an excellent travel packing hacks for avid travellers. It is often required for travellers to save some space while travelling. In such occasions, they need to be a little smart, and instead of simply bringing a pillow, they should come with a pillowcase rather. As a result, one can simply put some clothes within it and use it whenever it is required. Moreover, the intention of saving some space gets fulfilled. 

  • No need to spend on large travel bags:

This is another simple travel packing hacks that can be useful for frequent travellers. Keeping more number of shorts would indeed save some space, at the same time short clothes would make the travellers feel relaxed and much more comfortable while travelling.

  • Save your hotel expense:

There is no denying of the fact that the costs of the hotels actually are felt bigger than the overall travel costs. To cut short this expense, the best recommendation would be to sleep while travelling. It would be even better if the travel involves long flights or longer train travels. Instead of simply gossiping or scratching the Smartphone for unwanted stuff, you can save some of your valuable energy for travelling purpose.

This is one of the most effective travel hacks to save money that is tried by the frequent travellers those who travel for months. To execute this strategy, it requires little smartness while scheduling. One must be schedule things in a way so that the sleeping hours are spent on the way itself. However, if you do not want to make it hectic and want to have a relaxing time, consider booking Mykonos Villas for your holidays

  • Grab a Window seat and save your hotel cost:

This one doesn’t really need any explanation. Who wouldn’t love enjoying the breathtaking sights through the windows of the plane or train! However, this is not the only advantage; people who are photography fans or travel bloggers can find an immense opportunity of capturing things while being on the way. Window seats provide a lot of accomplishment to the body and mind as well. Specifically, a window side seat is felt a necessity for a packed travel schedule. One can spend some quality hour over here and feel rejuvenated, and thus can cut short the hotel stay budget.

best travel hacks


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