The Beginner’s Guide: 7 Important Tips for Launching Your Podcast

Launching Your Podcast

The popularity of podcasts has increased by leaps and bounds in recent times. Some interesting facts related to podcasts are –

  • One in three Americans listen to a podcast
  • Podcasts embody 10 percent of all the content that Millenials listen to
  • 60 percent of podcast listeners have bought something from a podcast ad

Therefore, if you are thinking of starting your own podcast, knowing a few things can definitely help.

How to Launch a Podcast: Top 7 Tips

1.    Invest in Decent Equipment

You need to ensure that the quality of your podcast episodes is up to the mark. Nowadays, as the number of podcasters reaches a whopping 2 million, the competition is tough and the quality to stand out and retain your audience is by offering quality and value. So, while starting the show, having a decent microphone, a headset and some basic audio editing software can make a massive difference in how the final quality of your podcast comes out.

2.    Consider the Right Theme

You should choose a theme that you can commit to in the long run. When you are truly passionate about the things you are talking about, the passion will instantly resonate with the listeners.

3.    Choose the Right Podcast Title

The title of your podcast should be so interesting that it becomes clickable. Think about a title that is relatable to all the things you will talk about in the upcoming podcast episodes. Furthermore, keywords are important to make a podcast searchable on Google and Apple. But, do not go overboard with keyword stuffing.

4.    Quality is King

Of course, the first few episodes will not be your best work until you have a veteran media person guiding you. But, the key is to not give up and keep recording. Remember that the top-tier podcasts you listen to were not built in a day – they are a result of decades worth of experience, learning, and practice. However, if you want the extra push at the beginning of your career, opting for a Scottsdale audio video podcast studio can help.

5.    Decide Your Publishing Schedule and Episode Length

Next, if you are serious about podcasting, consistency is the key. You must be dropping episodes in a timely fashion, and so curating a proper schedule is important. A preemptive schedule will tell your audience when they can expect your next episode and it also keeps your efforts on track.

6.    Make Your Podcast SEO-Friendly

The penultimate step in launching your podcast is to consider SEO. To ensure that after producing excellent quality podcasts your show is gaining visibility on Google and other search engines, basic SEO can help.

7.    Get Great Guests and Be a Great Guest

Last but not least, guests are an incredibly valuable aspect of your podcast’s success. An expert guest has the intelligence to say interesting things relevant to the theme on your podcast. Moreover, they will also probably bring in plenty of their own followers. It goes the other way around, when you visit someone else’s podcast as a guest, make sure to put your best foot forward.

With these seven tips alone, you’re on a greater path to a fantastic podcast – don’t go half in this year, invest fully and you’ll soon have an engaged audience. Exciting!

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