8 Most amazing Prank Websites

Prank websites

Have you ever been pranked? Do you want to do some pranks with your friend?

So, you may take it as a piece of free advice but, please be careful while choosing the person with whom you will perform the prank. If you pick someone reflective, you may land up in big trouble.

Truthfully, being pranked is sometimes really embarrassing. But, sometimes it is also necessary to cope up with the monotonous life. With some close friends, doing pranks or being pranked is fun indeed.

So, now let us come to the biggest question.  It is difficult to find a way to prank someone especially, those who are great pranksters. There is always someone in a gang who is named the ‘prankster’ because all those prank ideas get cooked up in the head of that ‘prankster.’ So, if you are hunting for ideas for pranking that prankster, you are at the right place. If you wish to read more about the best prank apps for Android and iOS, have a look at this compiled list for you at https://www.techwhoop.com/prank-apps-android-ios/. So, when I was searching for some ideas, I came across these websites, which helped me. I guess it would help you too. Given below are links to those eight best websites:


 This site made me laugh at first. With time, I understood it as one of the most important websites for trolling. Here, you can get regular things of irregular sizes. You may troll your friend with any kind of item by changing its size and shape.

2. Blow up the phone

One easiest yet funny way out is this one which can be done using this one. Through this, you can send different messages to your friend using phone numbers worldwide and simply blow up their phone. But be careful, as it is a bit annoying yet funny.

3. Prankme not

This one creates a dummy fake Facebook status to troll rather than prank your friend. You may use it by uploading a profile photo and editing anything according to your choice to prank your friend. Well, it is not associated with Facebook, so it would not cause any copyright infringement. You can arrange it in whatever way you want lest the intent must only be pranking and doing something funny with a close friend.

4. Mail A spud.com

I guess you heard about it earlier as this is the most famous and the funniest one. Using this, you can mail a potato to your friend, writing whatever you want to write on it. For example, you can write a joke on the potato and send it. Just imagine her face on opening the mail displaying a potato with your shaggy-dog story written on it. I hope you are already rolling on the floor laughing. Well, it is that funny. But it might also seem to be annoying to some, depending upon the nature of the person. So, please be careful (just a bit of free advice)

5. Joker Greeting Card

This one is also famous, easy and funny at the same time. Here, you can send a greeting card to someone on their birthday or any occasion like new year, Christmas, friendship day, etc. Although these are important occasions just in case you want to do something mischievous with no intention of hurting anyone’s faith or anything as such, one can use this.  One can send a greeting card to their friend. When they open the card, a piece of annoying music starts, and just when they realize, ‘okay! This needs to stop’. Now, the picture is at its climax. The music would continuously play for the next three hours. The music is annoying and makes the prank difficult for that person. Yet, It is fun, and sometimes it’s okay to do so (no offense).

6. Squeak Voice changer

Trust me; this one is really useful. You can use it two ways. Either you can record your voice and change the toner quality, making it sound completely different, or if you can arrange your friend’s voice record, you can even use that to troll her. The voice changes such that sometimes it sounds like a horror movie even. So, be careful again as a friend who is afraid of ghosts may get scared!

7. Cat Facts

This website helps you to gain knowledge about cats. You can troll your friends by sharing fun facts about cats every day. You can set and edit the number of facts to be shared regularly. You can also send facts at any time, and this may lead to an increase in the boundary of pranking.

8. JibJab message

This is a site where you can make and edit the faces of your friends. To directly head over to their site, use this link. JibJab Message It became famous over the internet quickly in 2020. You just need to upload a picture of your friend, and the site would generate a hilarious picture according to your wish. You can then send that picture and troll your friend as much as you want.

I hope you can also become a prankster soon!

Good day!


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