ARMY Celebrates 1,000 Days Of “I Purple You” With BTS’s V

I Purple You

ARMY is currently celebrating the unique phrase “I Purple You.”

On November 13th, 2016, BTS‘s V (original name Kim Taehyung) chatted to fans at the BTS 3rd Muster event and asked them if they knew the importance of the color purple. When both the fans and the members replied that they didn’t know, V went on to explain that purple is the last color in the rainbow and therefore, it means to love and trust that will last for a long time.

From that moment on, the BTS fandom started to use the phrase “I Purple You” to indicate “I Love You.” As such, the unofficial color of BTS has also become known as purple, mainly for those who are fans of V. After the iconic BTS purple ocean in shows, the phrase began to spread even further and is now seen daily on BTS fan art, fan merch, and more.

August 9th indicates 1,000 days since V inspired this phrase, and as such, fans are celebrating the day with special hashtags, posts, fan art, pictures, and more across social media. The hashtag #IPurpleYou1000 trended number one worldwide on Twitter as fans celebrated.

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