16 Best CouchTuner Alternatives That You Must Try!

If you are looking for CouchTuner alternatives, you have come to the right place. The world is going through a paradigm shift; in other words, we are moving towards a digital world where we want everything to be present online. From shopping to watching movies, people do everything online.


Knowing that everyone wants to watch shows and movies online, CouchTuner is here with a platform where you will find the latest films and shows. However, just like CouchTuner, there is a boatload of other online streaming platforms too.


Certainly, CouchTuner is one of the best online video streaming platforms, but many look for better alternatives. So, here we are with our 16 alternatives to CouchTuner. The most significant advantage of having alternatives is that the more online streaming platforms you have, the more varieties you have. Hence, without further ado, here goes our list of sites like CouchTuner. 

Top CouchTuner Alternatives

  1. Movie Watchers
  2. LookMovie
  3. Soap2day
  4. Primewire
  5. StreamLikers
  6. CMovies HD
  7. Tubi TV
  8. YesMovies
  9. CafeMovie
  10. WatchFree
  11. BMovies
  12. Yo-Movies
  13. 1movies
  14. Crave
  15. PopcornFlix
  16. TV Muse

Movie Watchers- Sites Like CouchTuner

Sites Like CouchTuner

If you are always waiting for the latest movies, Movie Watchers is the one to go for. However, Movie Watchers will only have movies; in other words, you won’t be able to watch any shows. But if you are into films only, there can’t be any different online streaming platform other than Movie Watchers!

So, don’t waste any time and go on and find all the latest movies right here at Movie Watchers. The platform has different genres, which will make it easy for you to find your favourite movie. Therefore, all you need to do is go through the genres and pick your film to watch online. This is one of the best alternatives to CouchTuner. 

LookMovie- A good CouchTuner Alternative 

CouchTuner Alternative 

Another site like CouchTuner is LookMovie. Unlike Movie Watchers, this site allows you to watch both the latest TV shows and movies. So, one platform, but multiple uses. You will see a massive database, and the site adds new movies almost daily. You will see the movie name, IMBD rating, year of release, and more against each film.

To clarify, LookMovie is currently topping the list of the online streaming platform. Above all, the website is easy to browse and has all the information that you need. The filtering options are fantastic, and moreover, the site also has a forum where you can discuss movies.

Soap2day- Third CouchTuner Alternative

Third CouchTuner Alternative

The list will be incomplete if we omit Soap2day. So, here we are! Soap2day is a unique online movie streaming platform. The site has a search bar, where you can type the movie name and find it instantly. What is surprising about Soap2day is that the site uploads the latest movies the same day they get released.

To sum up, it is a fantastic online streaming platform with hardly any cons. The site also has some essential filters, such as highest user-rated, most viewed, what’s trending, and so on. Additionally, you don’t need an account to watch movies and shows here. And most importantly, it is 100% free! Just get an ad-blocker because there will be ads.

Primewire- A free CouchTuner Alternative 

A free CouchTuner Alternative

Another CouchTuner alternative is Primewire. An absolutely easy-to-navigate site with multiple tabs, which will help you locate your favourite movies. Additionally, it has a blog section as well to educate others about the films they can watch.

In addition to movies, Primewire offers the latest TV shows to watch as well. You can even rate the content. And the galore of movies and shows you will get to watch here will definitely uplift your mood. In short, this has to be your one-stop online streaming destination.

StreamLikers- One of the best alternatives to CouchTuner 

alternatives to CouchTuner

StreamLikers is a new addition to the world of the online streaming platform. But it is proving itself to be one of the best alternatives to CouchTuner. Therefore, if you want to watch top-notch online video streaming videos with the best video and audio quality, this has to be it.

StreamLikers is a free online streaming platform. Additionally, you will not have to register to start watching the videos. The interface is simple, and you will find all the latest movies and shows here.

CMovies HD- A Fantastic CouchTuner Alternative 

Fantastic CouchTuner Alternative

Want to know about the best online streaming platform with a plethora of TV shows and movies? Visit CMovies HD today. Firstly, the site is easy to navigate. Secondly, it is loaded with HD and Blue Ray quality videos. Finally, you don’t need to register to watch the movies online.

So, go on and enjoy unparallel video quality and watch fantastic movies this weekend. Don’t worry; you will find a galore of the latest movies.

Tubi TV- Another Site like CouchTuner 

Another Site like CouchTuner

An excellent online streaming platform will always have its viewers best interest at heart. That is to say; you should find a CouchTuner alternative that will let you watch all the latest movies and shows. Tubi TV that’s why becomes your best CouchTuner alternative. Here you will find movies of some of the top studios, such as MGM, Paramount Pictures, Lionsgate Motion Pictures, and much more.

Here you will find a wide range of the latest TV shows and movies from every genre. Additionally, the platform partners with more than two hundred hosts from it gets its content. The only downside of Tubi TV is that you will have to register to start watching.

YesMovies- One-Of-A-Kind CouchTuner Alternative

Fantastic CouchTuner Alternative 

Here comes another good alternative to CouchTuner. Try YesMovies, a free to use online streaming platform. No matter how many movies and shows you want to watch, you don’t have to pay anything. Sounds good, right! So, there is no point missing out on YesMovies.

You can go on and watch international movies as well, for example, Mexico, Korea, Japan, etc. Firstly, you can navigate the site easily. Secondly, you have an endless selection of movies, and finally, there are filters to find your favourite movies easily.

CafeMovie- Your Free CouchTuner Alternative 


CafeMovie has one of the best collections of the latest movies and TV shows. Everything is well segregated, and you will be able to find all the content easily. Besides, CafeMovie is a 100% legal website, which means you will not have to worry about anything.

So, you can expect to watch good quality movies and TV shows. Additionally, you don’t need to become a member of the site to start watching. Just visit CafeMovie, and start watching any HD movies or shows that you want to.

WatchFree- Another Site Like CouchTuner 


As the name suggests, WatchFree is a 100% free online streaming platform. This is the site where you will find all the latest titles. The site has a search bar right on top of the site. You can enter the movie name here and start watching it whenever you want to. Most importantly, the site will not ask you for your credit card information.

Firstly, you will have to visit WatchFree. Secondly, you will have to browse through the movie section. Thirdly, you can browse through the genres if you want to. Fourthly, you have the search bar where you can enter the movie name. Finally, you can watch movies online whenever you want to. So, go on and start watching movies online.

BMovies- The Perfect CouchTuner Alternative


The eye-catching design of BMovies is the first thing that will catch your eyes. Unlike other sites where they ignore how their site looks, BMovies, on the contrary, does things differently. Additionally, BMovies offers tons of other features too.

It’s a 100% free website. That is to say, everything that you will find here will cost you nothing. Moreover, you don’t need to register to start watching. However, there is one drawback, and that is the annoying pop-up ads. Nevertheless, the collection is super impressive. So, visit BMovies today.

Yo-Movies- Sites Like CouchTuner with Lots of Movies and TV Shows 


One visit to Yo-Movies, and you will understand why this site has made to our list. This fantastic online movie and show streaming platform have every content that you are looking for. Moreover, the home page has everything that you will need to find the best movies.

So, if you are looking for the best CouchTuner alternative, you have to try Yo-Movies. Find a massive collection of movies and TV shows, and don’t worry about registration. Additionally, each film will show you the IMBS rating as well.

1movies- A Decent Alternative for CouchTuner 


Let’s talk about 1movies. This fantastic online streaming platform offers both old and new movie list. For example, if you want to watch some old and classic movies, you will find them here. Similarly, if you are interested in new movies, you will find them here as well.

For binge-watching, 1movie presents a plethora of TV shows. Additionally, most of the videos are available in HD quality, which means there will be no complaints about the video streaming experience. But there is one con, and that is the annoying pop-up ads.

Crave- One of the Most Popular CouchTuner Alternatives 


Crave is an excellent CouchTuner alternative, which is populated with tons of TV shows. This site has many TV shows, which means no matter which TV show you want to watch, you will find it here. Moreover, the website won’t let you wait because it uploads all the new episodes almost instantly.

Additionally, the streaming quality is impeccable, meaning you can expect a fantastic online viewing experience. Therefore, if you are a fan of online TV shows, Crave is your one-stop destination. So, go on and visit Crave today and start watching your favourite TV show right away.

PopcornFlix- A Must-Visit Site Like CouchTuner 


Here comes the second last online streaming platform—PopcornFlix, which is an incredible online streaming platform with top quality videos to watch. PopcornFlix is available online, and if you want, you may download it as well. Whatever suits you.

Moreover, their app is available for both IOS and Android users. Isn’t that great? Since most movie streaming lovers enjoy watching movies and shows on their mobile phone, PopcornFlix fixes every problem. So, visit PopcornFlix, today, check out the list of movies and shows they have to offer and start watching.

TV Muse- The Top and the Best Alternative to CouchTuner 

TV Muse

What if we tell you that there is an online streaming platform where you can watch all the latest and old TV shows? Sounds interesting, right! TV Muse is a dedicated TV show platform with an array of TV shows. Moreover, you can download them as well. So, you can either watch the shows online; else, you may download them to watch later.

In addition to everything, TV Muse lets you navigate the site easily. The home page has everything that you need. To start watching, please note that you will have to log in. Hence, don’t forget to register. Overall, TV Muse is a fantastic online streaming platform with a galore of entertaining content!

Final Words for CounchTuner Alternatives 

These are our hand-picked CouchTuner alternatives that everyone can try. People look for such alternatives to avoid paying for premium subscriptions for sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Moreover, all the online streaming platforms that we have listed here are free. It’s just that some of them will tell you to register while others won’t. Indeed, many other alternatives are available as well, but these are the leading and free online streaming platforms.

Therefore, we have listed them here in our list. We have done a proper review of the sites and can tell you that each site is working. You can visit any of the CouchTuner alternatives and start watching TV shows and movies without worrying about anything. If you are looking for the best alternatives to CouchTuner, these are the sites that you must visit.

To sum up, CouchTuner is a great online streaming platform, but the ones we have here are amazing. So, go on and try any of them, and start watching movies and TV shows today. Have a splendid weekend because your movie and show partners are here!










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