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After a break related to the coronavirus pandemic, concert programs resumed and fans around the world began to search for the most profitable ticket purchase options with renewed vigor. Many fans of live music prefer to buy concert tickets using the secondary market. Ticket resale services are offered by many companies. Which one should I choose? We offer you a list of leading sites as of 2022.


 The site is very popular and this is expected: after all, the service has an advantage that many competitors do not have. We are talking about the absence of fees, which are so disliked by most ticket buyers. According to numerous surveys, mostly young people use this site, a large selection of tickets, the operational work of the support service, and an individual approach to customers also form part of the work of the service. The undeniable disadvantage is the prices for tickets directly. Price policy control is the main topic of discussion on various fan forums. However, despite its shortcomings, the service occupies a leading position among ticket sales sites. You can learn more about the work of the service by clicking on the link, there you can also find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the site.


 The site works on a simple, proven over the years scheme. The management of the service does not announce innovations, technical innovations, and reformation, the work of the site continues at the same pace as it was many years ago. But the proven scheme works and the service has more and more customers every year. Many people consider this service to be the undisputed leader in the global concert ticket resale market. The emphasis is placed on concerts because the choice of musical events on the site is simply magnificent. The site also has an advantage over competitors: a unique aggregator that helps to analyze the availability of the best seats. This is a long-tried scheme that users liked. According to many, the aggregator greatly simplifies the work with the service. If you are interested in the history of the creation of the site or information about fees, you can read about it on the website. It is worth noting that the service started very actively in 2022, analysts recorded an increase in the popularity of the service in January.


 The company has been operating in the secondary market of concert tickets since 2006. During this time, there have been both victories and defeats in the history of the site. Nevertheless, as of 2022, the site is undoubtedly on the list of world leaders. Users like the match of price and quality, as well as good protection from fraudsters: the company checks the identity of sellers and the legality of tickets. In addition, you can buy and sell tickets from different devices, this is a great advantage. Also, mobile applications work smoothly, while many competitors are experiencing great difficulties with the mobile version. Users also praise the work of the support service: operators are trying in every possible way to help the client find a solution to the problem and answer all questions. The company uses fees in its work. You can read more about this on  Also in the source, you will find information about what the service is criticized for.


This site is known all over the world. The company managed to cover many countries of the world and open its representative offices in the region. The company is constantly showing growth in its field of activity and gaining the trust of customers, management responds to criticism and is constantly in contact with customers. Working with the site is very simple and has many advantages. If you want to attend a concert in another country, then the location is easy to choose from the list provided. You can purchase a gift certificate on the website. The site also offers a convenient payment system in different currencies. In the source you can read about what customers scold the site for and what negative aspects it has. We emphasize that even a few disadvantages do not prevent the service from remaining among the undisputed sales leaders.

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