Bill Gates speaks about what he would do if he were president to deal with coronavirus

Bill Gates speaks about what he would do if he were president to deal with coronavirus

The recent Coronavirus outbreak has severely affected the entire world. Even though countries are taking the necessary steps, the rate of affected patients is rising every day. If you look at the current situation of the United States of America, more than 80,000 people have been affected by the COVID-19 virus. Well, Bill Gates has recently shared his thoughts about the COVID-19 pandemic. So, let’s have a look at what he has shared and what he would do if he were the president of the U.S.

Bill Gates said that he would try his best to keep citizens of the U.S. to reduce the rising curve of the recent COVID-19 pandemic. On Tuesday, while taking with Chris Anderson, TED Curator, Bill Gates said that people have no choice to follow the isolation, and it will keep going for some more time. In the case of China, the isolation period was six weeks. So, now all the citizens should prepare themselves for that and need to follow it strictly. Gates further informed that if people follow isolation properly, within just 20 days, the numbers can go down significantly. If he were president, he would emphasize, this will not be an easy task for all. For this, people need a clear message.

Talking about the current condition, around 179 million people in 31 countries, 14 cities and 18 states have been told to stay at home.

As per the report submitted by John Hopkins University’s Coronavirus Resource Center, in the United States, the number of affected people is rising at a higher rate. However, the curve is flattened in South Korea and China.

Bill Gates, the co-founder of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, has significant experience in dealing with various infectious diseases such as polio, HIV, Malaria, and more.

The comments from Gates came after President Donald Trump’s announcement. He recently announced that we would like all the businesses in the U.S. to restart their operation by April 12.

On Monday, during a press meet, Trump said that the U.S. would soon open for the business.

He further added that the country couldn’t let the cure be worse than the current issue. The country can manage two different things at one time.

It is not easy to close down the world’s most successful and the biggest country, i.e., the United States of America, he further added. He also suggested that if a recession occurs, it can also affect the lives.

However, Medical experts have suggested that if schools and businesses start operating in such a situation, that will lead to severe consequences as it will help in spreading the pandemic. Dr. Tina Tan, Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago’s staff member, and the Infectious Diseases Society of America’s board member said Donald Trump doesn’t know about the reality.

Gates emphasizes that in such a situation, it is quite important to prioritize human health instead of money.

In his statement, Gates said that the economy of the country would be affected by this situation. But generating money and developing economy is the reversible thing. But people’s lives can’t be brought back.


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