Black Yorkies: Pack of Information You Need to Know

If you are a puppy lover then you surely know about Black Yorkie. It is one of the breeds of small dogs famous for their satin, lengthy coats and friendly natures. You mostly see Yorkies in color combinations like blue and tan. But have you ever heard of Black Yorkie? Of course, it exists in this world. 

In the same universe, there is confusion regarding Black Yorkie. Well! You don’t need to be worried, we will inform you very well. You will find some important information that will help you to know more about this breed.

Things to concentrate on before getting a black yorkie

If you are considering getting a black Yorkie, remember these essential hallmarks.


Black Yorkies are the cutest breed of dogs. They are tiny and attractive. They have friendly personalities that will quickly attach their master with them. It is an active breed which loves to play with its surroundings. Though they are smaller in size they need proper care. You should pay complete attention to their grooming, care, and love. 

Coat care

This black yorkie contains long, shiny and healthy hair which makes it more adorable. They need proper care of their coat. It is your responsibility to prevent their hair from tangling and matting. This coat care will take your time and money.

Experiencing a black Yorkie will haunt you at night. You can hardly see its face at night. Because of its pure black color, it will be hard to identify it in the dark.

Health issues

Like other dogs, black yorkies can also be affected by some health issues. These conditions may be some dental issue or skin allergies. You should consider a satisfied breeder who can provide you a healthy puppy.

Set of circumstances

It is an active breed that loves to play with their owner. As they are tiny, they are also apartment-friendly. They mostly don’t need an open area to survive. But in an apartment, they will need proper playtime, attention and time. You should not get and forget your Yorkie. This can make them unhappy or ill.


This breed is an intelligent one. They will not give you a hard time while giving them training. You can easily train a Yorkie in a good way. On the other side, if you don’t train them regularly, they can get lazy. So, train them with consistency and they will become your friends.

Yorkies can become costly on your budget

Black Yorkies are expensive ones. You have to be financially strong to keep a pet like black yorkie. There will be many expenses like food, veterinary and skin care. Consider this thing before buying one. 

Time requirement

Black Yorkies always want proper time. They require full-time companionship from their owner. If you leave your Yorkie alone for a long time, they will become satisfied and friendly. Always try to leave anyone with your black Yorkie.

Family compatible

Black Yorkies are family-compatible. They can easily get attached to the owner and his family.

Keeping a Yorkie in a family can be a little bit risky if there are kids. They can be easily injured and wounded. 

Basic information about a black Yorkie

A Yorkie is pure black if it gets KB genes from both parents. If one parent does not transfer its KB genes to the child, it will get a combination of black and tan or pure blue. 

But there is a possibility that a child did not get KB genes from its parents and it has a black coat. It may be also possible that the KB transferred puppy does not have a pure black coat. In short, every KB gene holder could not be black and every black Yorkie does not mean a KB gene holder.

Is graying with age real in black Yorkies?

Yes, black Yorkies fade their black color over time. The reason for being gray will be more than one. It will become gray because of the frequent sun exposure or the environmental conditions. They start changing their color from the age of 6 months. Most Yorkies will take more time than 6 months.

Common combinations of black Yorkies

Chocolate shade

It is a rare color combination like pure black. It has a chocolate brown coat which makes it more attractive.

Parti Yorkies

This breed has a white base coat and brown or black patches.

Golden shade

This Yorkie has a faded, creamy golden shade. It is different from the typical tan color.


Pure white color in Yorkies is said not to exist. You can get a light creamy color that will appear like white.

Winding it up

We have read a lot about Yorkies, specifically Black Yorkies. It is a very rare breed of dog. It is cute and attractive. It needed time and attention. Besides black Yorkies, there are many more types of Yorkies. You can find All-black Yorkies, teacup Yorkies, and teddy bear Yorkies. If you want to know more about dogs and their lifestyles, Visit Pet Care story & stay with us.

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