Can You Bring Puppies on A Plane?

Can You Bring Puppies on A Plane

The feeling of arriving in new locals is super exciting and glamorous. But what about getting there? Well, it is really half the fun. If you have ever travelled through flights, then you might know how it really feels. Aeroplane air, noise, airport lines, delayed connections and domestic flights, all these are quite stressful for people. So, just imaging how horrible it can be for pets? If there is a long international flight, then this can create more stress for them. The best thing is to take professional help for pet relocation to China or any other destination.

Now, the main question is, can you bring puppies on a plane? Well, if you see the current situation and service offered by the airlines, it can be said that you can bring puppies with you on the plane. In fact, most of the airlines are now allowing their passengers to carry their pets, dogs, cats and more, that come under their rule books.

Nowadays, airlines are not just cramming more people onto their flights; they are also gradually accommodating dogs. However, flying with your little friend on a plane can create a lot of questions. For example, how does travelling with a non-emotional and non-service does work?

What is the cost? Is the procedure safe? And more.

Well, you may find the process little complicated, but you can make it simple by doing your research ahead of time. Some aircraft offer pressurized cargo hold to create a cabin-like condition, where you will be sitting. So that would be good for your dog. Besides, you need to go for advance booking as the space for the pets are limited. Now, let’s have a look at some other information that can help you with this.

Travelling with your little buddy in the cargo hold

Well, depending on the type of airlines, you can bring pets to the check-in counter and carry them like your regular bag. This option is available with Alaska and American airlines. Some airlines offer a separate cargo drop-off. No matter what airline you choose, you will have to get a valid health certificate from a registered vet within ten days of your departure date. However, if your trip duration is longer than that, then you will have to obtain another certificate at the destination.

Some major airlines and their restrictions and fees

  1. American: With this airline, you can fly with your dog as checked-in baggage on some non-Airbus planes. For this, you will have to pay around USD 200 for each way. Besides, the ground temperature should be above 45-degree F. It may be noted that checked pets are now allowed on A321, A321S, A321H, A320 and A319 aircraft.
  2. Alaska: With this airline, you can ship or check your dog as cargo. As per the rule of the airline, they can refuse to take an animal if the outdoor temperature is extreme. However, the airline doesn’t mention any limits. Speaking about the cost, it would be around USD 100.
  3. United: You can take your pets to a separate cargo location to ship them. Per trip, it may cost you around USD 125 for the easy way. Besides, your pet’s crate must meet the requirements set by the airline. Considering the extreme outdoor temperature, the airline may pose location restriction for a few months.
  4. Delta: You are allowed to ship them as cargo. However, the ground temperate should be within 20 to 80-degree F. In North America, the cost would be around USD 125, and for international, it would be about USD 200.

Understand the cons and pros of flying

Before bringing them on a plane, take your time and think whether it is really essential to bring the dog on the plane or not? All veterinary experts suggest the same. In general, the experts suggest you should not fly with your pets if you are not moving permanently or you are going on a long trip.

Flying, for pets, can be very stressful. Why? Because it will make them leave their familiar surroundings and comfort. They will be introduced to a condition with loud noises, changes in air pressure, temperature and more.

So, unless you have an essential reason to bring your pet on the plane, it will be best for you to leave them at home. You can do that by hiring a pes-sitter or asking your family members to take care of your dog.

Carry-on or cargo? Understand the option

Based on their size, it will be determined where your pet will be allowed. The rules will vary from one airline to another. But your pet, in general, can fly with you in the cabin they are small enough to get fit under the seat. If the size exceeds, then your puppies will have to be shifted to the cargo hold.

This can be an unpleasant or harmful experience for your puppies or pet as they will remain separated from you for some hours, and items might fall during the journey. However, most of the airlines claim that they offer all types of facilities to make your pet comfortable during the travel.

Some other useful tips to keep your puppies comfortable on a plane

Consider your dog size and age. As discussed above, this is something that will determine where your pet sits. Most of the U.S. airlines allow you to carry around eight weeks old puppies in the cabin and you will have to pay around USD 100 for each way. Besides, you need to make sure that your pets are in an approved carrier and perfectly fit under the seat. For all the airlines, this will be considered as carry-on luggage. Some airlines may have some weight restriction of 15 to 20 pounds. So, keep all things in mind.

1.Choose an appropriate carrier.

To make the journey comfortable for your dog or other pets on the plane, you need to pick the right carrier or crate. Most of the U.S. Airlines follow the rules of The International Air Transport Association and have a list that includes information about pet carrier requirements. As per the rules, the crate should be durable and sufficient ventilation, leak-proof bottom. You should also mark the pet carrier with “Live Animal” words. Besides, make sure that the crate has a label containing your phone number, address, name, destination information and more.

2. Special consideration needed for aggressive puppies

Some dog breeds, for example, Bulldogs and Rottweiler are very aggressive. So, airlines have issued special restrictions for such species. You need to make sure that they can’t harm others during the travel.

3. Special consideration of short-nosed dogs

If you have a pug, then he/she may face breathing issues in some condition. Airlines have some restrictions for short-nosed dogs. Read it properly.

4. Weather will play an important role.

Some airlines don’t allow you to carry pets during extreme cold and hot condition as it may create severe health issues and your dog may die. So, ask about this to the airlines before booking.

5. Always go for the direct flight.

For faster transport and better comfort, always choose a direct flight while travelling with your dog. This will lower the chance that your little friend will get stuck for a long time during the swapping of the cargo.

6. Book in advance

You should always book in advance for this as most of the airlines have a limited number of space of pets. So, check the availability now.

7. Obtain the check-up and a health certificate 

This is compulsory for every pet owner. During the transit, the airline will ask you to submit a health certificate of your dog. This will prove that your dog is healthy and can come along with you. What’s more, you will also have to submit the proof of rabies vaccines. There is one thing that you should keep your mind that you’re the dog’s health certificate should be issued by a registered vet doctor within 10 days of your flight.

8. Put a collar with the identification tag.

It will be better for you to attach all the vital information on the collar of your dog. You can also use a collar that has a tracking feature for maximum safety.

9. Always carry a photo of your pet with you. 

Securely attach one photo on the crate and carry another photo with you. In case of any issue, the airport authority or baggage claim personnel can identify the dog looking at the picture.

10. Think carefully about sedative

The American Veterinary Medical Association says you should not give sedated to your pet before flying as it can make them face health issues, like nausea. Besides, the changing altitude pressure will develop cardiovascular or respiratory problems in sedated dogs. So, think about it and take your vet advice for the same.

So, you can carry your dog, puppies or pet on a plane but for this careful preparation is required. Read all the rules issued by the airlines for travelling with a dog and make the necessary arrangements for them to offer them a comfortable travelling experience.



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