Clevo nh70 & Its Specs, Reviews with Drawbacks

Clevo NH70

People need to care extra about the features, specs, hardware, software, and built quality of gaming laptops. If these aspects are not taken care of, getting the best laptop will be next to impossible, and you will end up with a product with little to no association with gaming. To meet the increasing demand, Clevo, a Twainian computer manufacturing company has released its new gaming laptop, Clevo NH70 and it has raged the market since then.

The new Clevo nh70 is undoubtedly the best introduction to the technical market so far. The way this new laptop has been loaded with premium and modern features clearly indicates the company’s thoughtfulness for a gamer or people who wish to play games for fun. But before you buy the laptop, it would be best to have a full review to make a well-informed decision.

After all, the Clevo nh70 laptop is worth a lot of money, and you would want the investment to stay on track with your gaming career.

Detailed specs and features analysis of Clevo nh70

Resolution and display

Clevo has followed current market trends and launched a gaming laptop with a larger screen space with excellent resolution. So, the Clevo nh70 has a diagonal screen size of approximately 17.3 inches. This will allow you to play games on a bigger screen and enjoy the immersive experience. Apart from this, the largest screen will also help play games with a landscape layout, where the width is more than the height.

The visuals will be crystal clear thanks to the stunning resolution of around 3840 X 2160. You can identify the colors and sharpness of all the images and enjoy the brightness and contrast. Apart from this, the higher pixel resolution allows gamers to notice even the smallest details on the screen and make the best of the complicated gameplay. Thanks to such powerful graphics and excellent resolution, you will have a world-class gaming experience with Clevo nh70.

Charging time and battery

Although the Clevo nh70 does not have high battery power, unlike other laptops on the market, the average value of 3.5 hours to 4 hours is enough to get you started playing. It comes with a lithium battery with a 3275 mAh capacity. Since the battery might only last for a short time, you must keep your charger nearby, especially when playing games on the go.

Core microprocessor

If you are looking for a high-quality gaming laptop that is the powerhouse of the core microprocessor, the Clevo nh70 is undoubtedly the one to go with. It is powered by Intel 9th generation core processor i7, which is why it’s perfect for gamers of all levels and experiences. It operates seamlessly and smoothly, allowing you to play fast, memory-intensive games.

So, there will be no episode of your laptop going into hang mode or becoming too slow when you play complicated and memory-consuming games. The microprocessor also allows you to multitask, running various applications in the background without slowing down the laptop. For example, you can download a movie while streaming something online. That’s why its performance is of a top-notch level.

Internal storage

The Clevo nh70 is reinforced with a hard disk with a whopping memory of 1 TB SATA. Therefore, you will have a vast internal space to store some of the best games that are currently popular in the gaming community. Besides, you won’t have to depend on gaming series or downloadable apps because you can directly store them on your laptop without restriction. If you want the performance to improve or get a higher memory limit, you can replace the hard disk with an SSD device.

Touchpad and keypad

Every buyer needs to check the touchpad and keypad for a gaming laptop like Clevo. This is because when playing games, your controls and movements depend on the keyboard and the touchpad. So if they do not send fast responses to the internal memory and processor, your actions cannot be displayed on the screen then and there. Luckily, this laptop has a high-performing and fast-responding keypad and touchpad.

Apart from this, the entire keyboard is back late, which means it will glow in low light or dark conditions. Since the touchpad is highly sensitive, you won’t have any problem moving your avatar or another object while playing the games. Thanks to this beautiful addition, the Clevo nh70 will give you an immersive voice and virtual gaming experience that no other laptop at such an affordable price can provide.

Graphics card

The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 graphics card is one of the many reasons most gamers want to buy the Clevo nh70. It has multiple benefits, which should be noted. First, it is almost 50% faster than the earlier graphics card variations of GTX 1050. Apart from this, the price of the graphics card is also less, which further reduces the overall cost of the laptop.

Coming to the performance, this graphics card has a higher memory bandwidth, and features are Turing architecture that supports 1INT and FP 32 calculations in a concurrent method. Since you are buying the laptop for gaming purposes, the graphics card will give you an immersive experience with a faster laptop where your actions will have immediate responses right on the screen.


The RAM is approximately 8GB, which is also noteworthy considering how affordable this gaming laptop, Clevo nh70 is. Thanks to such a high RAM memory, you will be able to run multiple applications in the background without worrying about the device getting slow. Plus, it will only consume a little memory space, allowing you to play while streaming music or anything else.


With an approximate weight of 4.58 pounds, the Clevo nh70 is heavier. If you usually like to play games on your workstation, having a laptop won’t be a problem. But if you are and on the go gamer, you might have to think twice before buying the laptop because of its heavy weight. It won’t be easy to carry it everywhere, especially on a tour, hike, trek, or camping.

Specifications of Clevo nh70

Specifications Value
Weight 4.58 pounds or 2.5 Kg
Screen size 17.3 inches
Resolution 3840 X 2160
Battery 3275 mAh/ 14.4 V
Battery life 3.5 hours to 4 hours
Microprocessor Intel 9th generation i7
Hard drive 1 TB SATA
RAM Memory 8 GB RAM
Keypad Backlit
Graphics card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650
Warranty One year


Pros of Clevo nh70

  • Its graphics card, GTX 1650 is one of the many reasons for which the performance is extreme and generates almost quick responses against your actions.
  • The top-notch core processor, intel 9th generation i7, makes the Clevo nh70 more functional, faster, and reliable.
  • It offers seamless and smooth performance, with no fear of the laptop going into hang mode between the game.
  • The internal memory of 1TB is commendable, especially since you can download and store multiple games simultaneously.
  • With an approximate screen size of 17.3 inches and a resolution of 3180 X 2160, every gamer will have an immersive and virtual experience of gaming with this laptop.

Cons of Clevo nh70

  • The Clevo nh70 is a bit heavier, making carrying it around hard.
  • Its battery will give power for a short time for the charging cycle.
  • The build could be better because the laptop is bulkier.
  • Since the RAM is only 8GB, you might need help playing two to three games with higher memory consumption.
  • It doesn’t come with a webcam to stream online while playing.

What do others think about Clevo nh70?

There are mixed reviews for Clevo nh70. It is one of the primary reasons to know more about the laptop in-depth and what others think is crucial before you purchase.

  • Despite matching several other top-notch gaming laptops on the market, the Clevo nh70 needs to catch up due to its weight of 2.5 kg or 4.58 pounds. Handling such a heavyweight gaming laptop is not quite suitable, especially since the laptop is already bulkier from the beginning.
  • As it comes with a one-year warranty., the price and features of the laptop are not justifiable. It would have been best to have a lower price with more features or vice versa.
  • Due to the shortage of RAM space over the built-in hard drive instead of SSD, this laptop is unsuitable for gamers involved with the intense gaming community.
  • Even when the keypads of Clevo nh70 are pretty fast in response and feature a backlight construction, more color options and visibility is needed to make this product quite suitable for professional gamers.

Wrapping up

Clevo nh70 is one such laptop that has received lots of positive and negative commits. This is why making a well-informed decision sound so difficult, even when you are a pro gamer and know what features you need to have in your laptop. On the one hand, the price and features of the laptop are standardized and perfect for gaming. But, on the other hand, facts like a heavyweight, lower battery longevity, bulky construction, absence of a web camera, and so on are some of the reasons for which the laptop has lost a couple of stars. Your decision should depend on what your requirements are and the budget you have.

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