COVID 19 Charts USA – How many people die a day in America

COVID 19 Charts USA - How many people die a day in America

Most of the countries across the world are now battling with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The coronavirus outbreak has shown some signs of abating and now emerged as the biggest threat to the financial market as well as the economy. Talking more about it, first reported in China’s Wuhan city, COVID-19 has affected around 203 countries across the world. As per the Johns Hopkins COVID 19 data, the total number of active coronavirus cases across the world is more than 1,098,762, with more than 59,172 deaths. Now, talking about the USA, the COVID 19 charts USA clearly shows that the number of coronavirus cases in the United States of America is increasing at an alarming rate. As per the report, until now, the USA has recorded more than 250,000 active coronavirus cases, along with nearly 7,402 deaths. 

What more do the COVID 19 charts USA inform? 

If you look at the COVID 19 charts USA carefully, you will get to know that by 17th March 202, this deadly virus has greatly expanded its presence to all 50 states of Columbia from Washington. Now let’s have a look at the USA’s state-wise data. In New York, the total number of active cases is 103,476, and total deaths are 3,218. On the other hand, in New Jersey, the number of active cases and deaths are 29,895 and 646, respectively. Speaking about another major state of USA, i.e., Michigan, this state has 12,744 active cases and recorded 479 deaths. 

If you look at the sfchronicle coronavirus trackeron 29th March, daily cases in the USA were 19,193. On 30th March, it crossed 20,297. It clearly shows that the condition in the USA is getting worst day by day. Taking about the coronavirus death in the USA, on 29th March, the number of daily deaths was 363. On 31st March, it was 912. As per the latest report, as of 1st April, the USA recorded 26473 new cases along with 1049 new deaths.

It has also assumed that if no proper mitigation followed, then by 15th April, the daily deaths would be around 2,214. It may be noted that the United States of America now has the highest number of coronavirus cases in the world. Some experts say that the reason behind this is a slow response to the condition of the Trump administration. 

US CORONAVIRUS CASES (Updated 4th April)

STATES                                                                           TOTAL CASES                      DEATH

New York 103,476 3,218    
New Jersey 29,895 646    
Michigan 12,744 479    
California 12,573 285    
Massachusetts 10,402 192    
Louisiana 10,297 370    
Florida 10,268 170    
Illinois 8,904 210    
Pennsylvania 8,420 102    
Washington 6,966 291    
Georgia 5,967 198    
Texas 5,658 97    
Connecticut 4,914 131    
Colorado 4,173 111    
Indiana 3,437 102    
Ohio 3,312 91    
Tennessee 3,194 37    
Maryland 2,758 42    
North Carolina 2,287 27    
Missouri 2,113 19    
Virginia 2,012 46    
Wisconsin 1,916 46    
Arizona 1,769 41    
South Carolina 1,700 34    
Alabama 1,515 38    
Nevada 1,514 43    
Mississippi 1,358 29    
Utah 1,246 7    
Idaho 1,013 10    
Oklahoma 988 38    
Oregon 899 22    
Kentucky 831 37    
Minnesota 789 22    
District Of Columbia 757 15    
Arkansas 738 12    
Rhode Island 711 14    
Iowa 699 11    
Kansas 620 17    
New Hampshire 540 7    
New Mexico 495 10    
Delaware 450 14    
Maine 432 9    
Vermont 389 17    
Hawaii 319 3    
Nebraska 279 6    
Montana 262 6    
West Virginia 237 2    
South Dakota 187 2    
North Dakota 173 3    
Wyoming 166  
Alaska 151 3    
Guam 82 4    
Northern Mariana Islands 8 1    
Puerto Rico 378 15    
United States Virgin Islands 37  
Wuhan Repatriated 3    
Diamond Princess Cruise 46    
Total: 277,467 306 7,402

Sources: worldometers,  Johns Hopkins dashboard, state health departments.

Looking at the increasing number of cases, recently, USA President Donald Trump suggested that the coming weeks will be very painful for Americans. Deborah Brix, White House coronavirus coordinator, showed data that clearly showed a huge jump in the death rate due to the virus in the upcoming months. It can range from 100,000 to 240,000. 

That was forecasted as based on mitigation efforts. Some COVID 19 charts USA, if people don’t follow the mitigation efforts, then around 2.2million people can die in the coming months. Well, this is something very horrible. Based on the data, Trump ditched his plan to restart the companies in USA by 12th April.

He strictly advises Americans to follow the mitigation, which includes staying at home, social distancing, and washing hands frequently. In fact, as there is no such medicine to treat the virus, only through social distancing the curved can be flattened. Besides, COVID 19 charts USA show that such steps can also save a greater number of lives. Besides, it can prevent overwhelming situations in health care systems. 

When did coronavirus come to USA? 

If you are thinking about When did coronavirus come to USA, well the date was 21st January? As per the report, the first case of coronavirus in the USA detected on 21st January 2020. A 30 years old man from Washington state found positive to COVID 19. He was a travel history to Wuhan. It may be noted that on 17th January, the United States of America started the screening process in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York. But the patient entered the country before the implementation of the screening process. 

On 26t February, the United States witnessed the first case of local transmission as one more patient I California tested positive to coronavirus. The patient had no travel history to the affected areas. Very soon, the U.S. reported its first death as a man dies while undergoing treatment at Washington’s Evergreen Health Medical Centre. 

When will there be a vaccine for COVID 19?  

Well, for now, there is no such vaccine for the new COVID 19. However, many companies are now working to find a cure. Besides, some also conducted human testing. However, experts have stated it can take around one year to 18 months to develop a COVID 19 vaccine. 

No one knows how long the COVID 19 pandemic will last. But the rate of spreading can be lowered by taking necessary steps, such as by avoiding gathering, isolating, and washing hands regularly. It may be noted the condition in China is now improving. 

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