Create an Everlasting Impression by Using USB Drives

USB flash drive manufacturing companies are adopting new technology to develop better drives. Credit card USB drives are becoming more popular and are the perfect fit for a wallet. They are a business card that can be used to promote your business and store data.

USB cards are perfect promotional gifts for events, conferences, seminars and other promotional events because of the following benefits:

• Portable and easy to carry

• Available in high storage capacities for professionals

• Better data transfer speed

• Compatible with any OS

• Can work with low power

• Used as a business card

• Different varieties of USB Card Drives

There are a variety of USB card drives. Some of the famous types of card USB drives are:

1. Wafer USB Card:

The Wafer USB Card is a popular product. There are a few techniques used in designing wafer drives. The USB Chip is exposed in wafer drives. On the other hand, with USB business cards, the chip is hidden and has to be flipped, slid out, or removed.

The Wafer USB card has the largest print area out of our standard USB Cards, as it is slightly bigger than the other designs. In addition to that, the USB Chip is not centrally aligned. This is a useful feature for anyone that does not want the centre area covered with artwork.

2. Wallet USB Card:

The Wallet USB Card is one of the most popular versions of USB card drives. It is also the premium version of the Wafer USB Card. With Wallet USB Cards, the USB chip is protected and not exposed. The most significant benefit with this type is that it allows for a large printing area.

This drive has a more extended chip than Wafer USB cards. The extended chip makes it easier to insert it into many types of USB ports and makes the design of the USB card more user-friendly.

3. Alloy USB Cards:

The Alloy USB Cards is the premium option out of all of our USB Cards. Alloy USB Cards are made up of metal. Therefore, their weight is slightly heavier and they provide a smoother feel thanks to a metallic shine and great style. It really looks like a premium quality product. An Alloy USB card can create a memorable impression on recipients.

The card is similar to wallet USB Cards in terms of dimensions. On the back of the USB Cards, the area where the chip is housed is slightly raised. That means that almost the entire face of the card is free for designing purposes.

You can plan to use any of these USB cards drives to make an impactful appearance at your next event and can order in bulk to get the best prices.

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