Everything About Whitening Strips For Sensitive Teeth You Need To Know

Want to whiten your teeth, but reluctant to visit your dentist? The good news is that there are hundreds of other options you could opt for if you covet pearly whites. Have you ever considered using teeth whitening strips? Maybe you have.

Whitening Strips

Teeth whitening strips do not cost you an arm and a leg, yet can get you more desired results than you could ever imagine. And again, they are easy-to-use and if you choose to carry them anywhere you want, the simplest thing to do is wearing them for at least 5 to 30 minutes or so.

Apart from being super convenient, the million dollar question is:

Are they safe to use?

According to Health Canada, it is safe to use teeth whitening strips at home, if and when you are aware of the directions stated by the product’s how-to-use information. Although there are chances that you experience teeth sensitivity and gum irritation, these are simply the side effects caused due to using such strips, and they last only a very few days.

You might be wondering what if your teeth sensitivity does not seem to go off. There is a solution too. Reduce applying the product or completely stop using any of them for at least 2-3 days or so. Discuss your issues with your dentist, if you experience the same pain the moment you resume using those.

The type and concentration of active ingredients used in teeth whitening products determine the safety of using such strips.

A note to remember: Teeth whitening strips containing chlorine dioxide can wear off the enamel on your teeth.

A small tip: If you choose to buy any over the counter whitening strips, make sure the product has ADA Seal of Acceptance, which means the product is safe to use and has been properly evaluated.

What causes your teeth to turn yellow?

Professional dentists say that, sometimes, you are born with yellow teeth, and other times, they just happen to appear over time. One of the major factors that cause yellowing is, staining due to smoking, drinking red wine, black tea or coffee. It can also occur due to teeth grinding and heavy brushing.

Can everyone opt for whitening strips?

Aging is something that alters the color of teeth sometimes, and that is absolutely natural. However, if you wish your teeth to be surface stain-free, teeth whitening strips work its magic for anyone and everyone. It is just that your teeth must be in a good dental condition to begin the process of whitening.

A bit about extrinsic whitening

Making the staining wear off from the enamel (basically, the outer layer of your teeth) is simply known as ‘extrinsic whitening’.

How do you whitening strips?

Applying whitening strips on the teeth can be tricky. following a simple tip can save you a lot. Wear the strip by simply pressing it to the teeth, just so the gel of it gets to cover the surface of the teeth.

Some important things to consider

ü  If you are pregnant, teeth whitening is not a good idea for you. if you are a patient and not older than 12, you might want to reconsider whitening the teeth because it can risk you. Smokers are also not recommended whitening because nicotine reacts with carbamide peroxide (present in whitening strips) and enhances the intensity of carcinogen’s negative impact on your lungs.

ü  You might notice the uneven color on the teeth because whitening strip does not cover the entire surface of the teeth.

ü  If you overuse the product, it may lead to erosion of the enamel of your teeth causing permanent damage.

ü  Whitening your teeth with strips may cause some white spots to appear on the teeth, which is absolutely okay and will go away with time.

ü  Using strips may cause excess saliva formation in your mouth. This is a very common reaction.

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