Exploring some fantastic benefits of an accessory dwelling unit

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Speaking about accessory dwelling unit, also called ADU, is a secondary housing unit. This can be a perfect way to invest in your existing property or building. For this, you can hire professionals to create different ADU styles, including soft story retrofit. While housing costs on the rise in different areas, ADUs are getting popular.

Well, ADUs may vary in terms of their physical form. So, before exploring the benefits, let’s know about different types of ADUs.

Some common types of ADUs

  1. Detached new construction ADUs

These are also called laneway houses, granny flats, or cottages. Besides, in some places, it is called DADUs.

  1. Garage conversion ADUs

If you have a garage and you are not using it now, you can hire experts to convert that into an ADU, and you can earn some money.

  1. ADUs above a workshop or a garage

In some areas, it is called carriage houses or garage apartments. These are easy to build and space-saving.

  1. Internal ADUs

Here, some portion of the house beside the basement is turned into an ADU.

There are some more types you can consider while building ADUs on your property. Now, let’s discuss the benefits.

The benefit of ADU

Well, if you have sufficient funds and space, creating an ADU is an ideal decision. From environmental advantages to personal gains, some benefits to consider are:

You can create space for the short-term guests

A family with a lot of members and friends, an ADU is an ideal spot for hosting them when they visit to stay. As a result, you both will enjoy a decent level of privacy and space. But, on the other hand, an ADU will make their stay comfortable. So, go for it now.

Better income opportunities

If you want to increase your property value, then investing in ADU is a perfect long-term investment. As more adults now prefer to live at home, ADUs are the best flexible housing option. By adding a secondary home, you are creating versatility and a possible source of revenue.  ADUs come with their own kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and entrance; you can easily rent them out.

Increases your property value

It is a fact that creating an ADU can increase the resale value of the property. As per a study conducted by the NAR- National Association of Realtors, house owners are now willing to pay more to get a home with an accessory dwelling unit. So, it’s time to choose the best seismic retrofit solutions and go for these improvements.

Affordable housing options

Finding affordable housing is the greatest challenge that every worker or retired individual is facing. As ADUs are smaller in size and share the property with the residence, ADUs are affordable than other housing options.


As per the experts, ADUs are sustainable buildings and use fewer resources than the other types of homes. As the size is small, they will require less energy to cool and heat. It will keep the utility cost low. On the other hand, you will contribute towards reducing carbon emissions. So, don’t think much and go for it now.





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