Top Family Things To Do In Las Vegas Off The Strip!

Family Things to do in Las Vegas off the Strip

All set for a family trip to Las Vegas? Are you looking for family things to do in Las Vegas off the strip? Las Vegas has so much to offer to the family and kids. The place is not only for young travelers, families too can have a good time here. Apart from nightclubs and lavish casino life, the place has so much to offer. You must know that Las Vegas has many kid-friendly and family activities. You can spend good and memorable time with your family, kids, and elderly parents too. 

People usually have the misconception that Las Vegas is only for nightlife and youngsters. If you think so, then it is time to plan your travel and get rid of this thought. There are so many family things to do in Las Vegas off the strip. It will be a delightful experience for your lifetime.

Let’s check out what Las Vegas has to offer the families and kids.

Discover The Adventuredome Theme Park

The famous theme park Adventuredome inside Circus Las Vegas. It is a perfect family destination. Here, you will experience more than 25 rides and attractions. It includes mini golf and laser tag at the indoor theme park. Therefore, children of any age can enjoy a vast number of rides. So, if you want some reprieve from the heat, just get it at the theme park, which is completely indoors.

Xplozone Trampoline Park

This is another great park to enjoy with kids. While touring in Las Vegas, take your kids to Xplozone Trampoline Park. It is one of the best family things to do in Las Vegas off the strip. Moreover, you can have great and healthy family fun. This adventure park has a lot of fun and thrilling activities to offer. 

The park has the following things:

  • A foam pit
  • An arcade
  • Snack bar
  • Numerous trampolines
  • A rock climbing wall

So, if you want your kids and loved ones to exercise, plan for a blast at Xplozone Trampoline Park.

Las Vegas SeaQuest

When you are with kids in Las Vegas, do include SeaQuest in your fun bucket list. It is one of the most hidden attractions in the city. The best thing is the aquarium has 20,000 square feet of houses with many aquatic species. Your kids will enjoy engaging displays also, they will learn a lot. 

SeaQuest offers great activities such as:

  • Playing with sea otters
  • Petting stingrays
  • Feeding newborn wallabies
  • Enjoy footfish kisses

Las Vegas Farm Visit

For a great wildlife experience, you must visit the Las Vegas Farm Visit. It is a functioning farm where you can spend a relaxing day. The farm has been welcoming visitors to the popular Las Vegas Valley. There are so many animals on the farm, such as Rabbits, Cows, Goats, Peacocks, Chickens, Llamas, Pigs, and Horses. Also, kids can try feeding these animals. 

Moreover, there are many attractions at the farm, such as:

  • Hayrides,
  • Wagon rides pulled on tractors,
  • A petting zoo. 

Apart from animal adventure, this is also a great picnic spot. It is best to enjoy a family lunch. 

Visit the Aquarium at the Silverton Hotel

This is way more than just an Aquarium. Here, you can see genuine mermaids swimming around. For young children, it is one of the best activities to enjoy. Mermaids are the most beautiful part. Your family will get complimentary photo opportunities and bubble kisses here. In fact, you will also find the following in the aquarium:

  • All sorts of fish,
  • Stingrays,
  • Mermaids,
  • Other marine species. 

Note To Remember – Stingray feedings are held on a daily basis. It starts from 1:30 to 4:30. You will enjoy this as you will have a close interaction with the animal. 

Downtown Container Park

Plan your visit to Downtown Container Park. Here, you will enjoy an outdoor shopping and entertainment complex. The architecture here is unique, made from recycled shipping containers. Do you know which is the center of the centerpiece? The Tree House is the centerpiece of the interactive playground. Here, children of all age groups can spend time with their parents and guardians. Moreover, you will enjoy movies and concerts for free. So, you have to include this place in your family things to do in Las Vegas off the strip list. 

The place has so much to offer to families such as: 

  • Unique stores,
  • Great dining options,
  • A lively entertainment including music and dance.

Trampoline Park: Sky Zone

This park usually raises the bar on the Local Party Spot. It is a special place for Children’s Birthdays. Moreover, the park will take care of all the details of the birthday party of your child. You can have a great time, along with this, you will relax and enjoy the celebration.

Here is the list of things you will find here,

  • A slam dunk court,
  • Wall-to-wall trampolines,
  • Sky ladders,
  • A foam pit,
  • Climbing walls.

Apart from this, the place also has a restaurant and cafe inside the park premises. You can have the best food at a great price.

Underage Driving at Las Vegas Mini Gran Prix

This is the all-time exciting thing among the family things to do in Las Vegas off the strip. Families will have the best ever time here with their kids. 

The Las Vegas Mini Gran Prix has everything a child might wish for his or her birthday party. The park will offer you fun rides and great dining facilities. The park features;

  • Super Fun Slides
  • Various types of tiny race cars
  • Mini-roller coaster rides
  • Great food at the best value
  • Beautiful picnic tables

Final Thoughts

So, the above are the family things to do in Las Vegas off the strip. This shows and justifies that the city is not limited to nightlife, clubbing, and partying. Families can visit here and have a great time with their kids. Hence, plan your family vacation trip to Las Vegas and create memorable memories for a lifetime. 

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