Finding the Right Bike for My Kids

I decided to look at popular, “nice bike”, brands – Trek, Specialized, Cannondale, GT, Jamis, etc. Most offer a range of kids bikes, available exclusively through local bike shops. Price points start around $250. While I was not blown away by any particular model, there are some notable advantages of these bikes over department store models:
  1. Superior overall build quality – tighter frame assembly, higher precision welds, pieces just fit together better
  2. Aluminum frames and rims – considerably lighter
  3. Better, lighter components such as brakes, saddle, pedals
  4. Proper length seatpost allowing you to raise the seat – department store bikes have really short seat posts to save money
  5. No unnecessary accessories
  6. Interesting technologies, such as Trek’s “Dialed Fit Design” that provides adjustable pedal positions to accommodate your child’s growth
Knowing that bike shops each carry several major Bicycle brands, I could have visited a handful of shops to have the kids try out various bikes. This would be a perfectly good approach.
Instead, I continued my research to see if I could find something online, through Amazon, an online bike retailer, or direct from a manufacturer. This led me to the kids-only bike maker Woom, available from Amazon and directly online. The geometry on these bikes is designed 100% for kids’ body types, with high-end components and materials. They are super light and more expensive when compared to most other brands of kids bikes. I was curious. I wanted to dig in further to understand why they were more expensive and how it could possibly be worth the extra money.

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