Five Tips for a Professional Finish on Home Improvement Projects

Home improvement project

If you want a great end result for your home renovation, there are certain tips on what to do or avoid for a professional result. The two reasons for renovations being undertaken are to sell the property at a profit and to live in your dream home. If your renovation project cannot achieve this, then you need to rethink your plans. There are many common errors owners make when renovating a home that leaves them with an unfinished home or an unprofessional result. In this article, we will look at what you need to avoid when renovating your home.

Insufficient Research

Renovations cost money but the only way to know upfront whether you can implement the projects you have in mind is to plan and cost these plans before you begin any work. If this is an older property, you need to be aware of any hidden defects that can derail your plans. Start by having a building survey done to pick up any structural problems or flooding risks. Before even buying a property to renovate, determine if it is a listed or heritage building, as this is seldom worth it because of the obligations for upkeep and limitations it imposes on the owner.

Lack of Planning

Your renovation must have a plan that goes beyond a broad outline and estimate. You need to look at every cost involved. If you fail to do this, you run the risk of running out of money before the job is done. This may mean living in an incomplete home, which will definitely not be a satisfactory solution. The house will also be more difficult to sell. An architect will be able to draw up plans for you to cost and help you avoid pitfalls, such as identifying the removal of internal walls having been done without consent and presenting a physical danger.

Create a list of everything you need to buy for the project. This will enable you to make price comparisons and get items at a lower price. Consider online shops, second-hand sellers, and thrift shops for desired items.

Failing to Cover Surfaces

A fairly common mistake is failing to cover surfaces while you are working to prevent any damage or stains. You may have beautiful wooden floors that are marred by paint or chips due to renovations. Floor protection is a cost-effective solution that will prevent any damage from the outset.

Stick to Fittings and Finishes

Attempts to restructure a home are best left to professionals. Don’t touch a home that has been structurally altered by the homeowners. Your whole budget will vanish on fixing problems that should not have occurred in the first place. Stick to a solid home structure where your changes are to fittings and finishes.

Don’t Ignore the Law and Bylaws

There are laws that apply to working on a property. For example, the Party Wall Act must be followed if you are doing work to walls in a flat or semi-detached house. Confirm if you need Building Regulations approval or planning permission. Check your deeds for any clauses that may prohibit certain renovations.

These tips will ensure the result that you want is achieved without coming across serious problems and that you can afford the changes on your budget.

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