Guide to Conserve Water and Energy? Essential Guidelines to Follow

Guide to Conserve Water and Energy Essential Guidelines to Follow

Do you know the earth has a limited amount of water and energy? When you take a step towards the saving of these two essential elements, you are not only helping the mother earth but save your money as well. A small change in your everyday life like turn off the switch of electrical appliances like fan, Gas Geyser or washing machine when not in use can make a big difference to the environment.

If you are already aware of the grim condition our earth is facing, here is the essential guide to conserving the water and energy that you should know. Take a look at the following section to know the steps you must take.

Ways to Conserve Water:

Water is the most essential thing one need to live after oxygen. Every day, 43% of the water is wasted all over the world. We have to use this limited supply wisely so that our coming generation will have ample water to sustain. Here are the small changes you can do to make a positive and sustainable approach for water conservation in your daily life.

· Do not use running water while washing the dishes. Fill the sink with water and dip all the utensils and clean the dirt and then rinse with fresh water. This practice can save up to 200 liters of water in a month.

· It has been found in the study that many people prefer to turn on the faucets while brushing their teeth. This is a completely unnecessary step and you can easily turn off the tap to save up to 6 liters of water in a minute.

· If you are using Gas Geyser, try to make the bathing time of the family members simultaneously so that the hot water will not be wasted.

· Examine all the water pipes for leakage. You can all check by adding food coloring into the tank. If you find any stain on the bowl of the color, repair the leak as soon as possible.

· Prefer to take a shorter shower that will cut down water wastage. If possible select bucket over the showerhead.

· If you have an RO water purifier at home, then use the reject water for mopping, gardening, washing utensils, and many other household works.

Ways to Conserve Energy:

If you want to check the use of energy at your home; then here are some excellent ways for doing that.

· While cooking or boiling water, use a lid on the pan. In this way, you need less energy to boil the water.

· Increase the use of pressure cookers for your everyday menu. The pressure cooker will take less energy to cook the food rather than the pan.

· It is better to use the Instant Geyser to heat the water than the emersion heater. Use it according to the season. If possible take a bath in the late morning or afternoon when you don’t need much heating to get the water in a comfortable temperature for bathing.

· During winter, secure all the possible air passage so that the rooms will stay warm. Moreover, you can use insulation for better performance.

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