Here’s how to protect your cell phone from viruses

how to protect your cell phone from viruses

It is undeniable that the cell phone has made a great contribution to society. After all, with her, what used to be difficult, such as withdrawing money, talking to close people, is now much easier. However, as not everything is flowers, some malicious people take advantage of it to strike. Therefore, it is essential to know how to protect your cell phone from viruses.

It is worth mentioning that, despite the risks, when the security process is done correctly, it is almost impossible for anyone to have access to your data. Therefore, the cell phone becomes a safe device that greatly optimizes your time and quality of life.

Following what was informed, today you will discover how to make the protection process in an easy and practical way. That way, even those who don’t have much experience with technology will be able to do it without difficulty. In addition, you will be informed of some tips that will help you not fall into any scam or attempt to access your data.

What not to access on mobile?

The first step in knowing how to protect your cell phone from viruses is figuring out what not to do with it. So, the first tip is: never click on a strange link. Also, avoid leaving passwords saved on the device.

In addition to the points mentioned, there are other things that should also be avoided. But, to remove all your doubts about them, the ideal is to analyze each one separately. Thus, it will be possible to understand them completely and stay out of trouble!

Do not click on strange links

Unfortunately, several scammers share “prize” links in email and WhatsApp. Usually, they pretend to be well-known companies and because of this, it is sometimes very difficult to identify the scam. But, if any individual contacts you announcing a prize or offering a credit proposal, be wary!

As a rule, criminals share links that when you click, they gain access to everything on your device. Soon, you can see your bank account, have access to your conversations and private photos and anything else that is on the device. So, if you receive this type of contact, block it and contact the authorities.

Escape from free Wi-Fi networks

Currently it is very easy to find Wi-Fi networks in malls, restaurants, public squares and even airports. Although availability has a good intention, the truth is that it can be a great danger!

To the sadness of many people, one of the ways to protect your phone from viruses is to stay away from them! This is because, as these networks are public, anyone can access them and, through them, reach your device.

If you absolutely need to access public Wi-Fi, you will have to go through a process first. First: close all applications that are open and second: only open what had no personal data.

How to protect your cell phone from viruses?

Now that you know what not to do so that your data is protected, the time has come to discover some techniques that can help in this mission! So, if it caught your attention, see what they are.

Before finding out what the tips are, it’s important to keep in mind that anyone needs to do this process. This is because some individuals renounce it because they believe that they do not access anything dangerous. But, the truth is that in the networked world, danger can come from anywhere. So, the ideal is to know how to protect your cell phone from viruses to prevent.

Always download a good antivirus

The first and most important step to keep your cell phone away from the virus is to download an antivirus. That’s because this software has the ability to identify and block any threat that tries to come into contact with the device.

It is worth mentioning that these programs come in application format and can be free. However, the ideal is always to read the terms and conditions well so there are no surprises.

When you learn how to protect your cell phone from viruses, it becomes easier for you to access other applications like banking or even games without worry. But, regarding the second item, it is important to choose companies that understand the subject, as is the case with Supercell. Thus, you will be able to extract only a good experience.

Review your permissions

Every cell phone has the option to allow or deny some apps. This function ensures that any type of intrusion is blocked automatically. After all, for someone to gain access to your data, you need to allow it.

Some people prefer to leave everything allowed in the configuration, due to the work of having to allow it manually. But, this action is very fast and compensates for any damage. So never renounce it.

Be careful where you download the apps

All cell phones have an official application that allows you to download others. So always give priority to downloading anything through it. Thus, you can ensure that that content is safe.

As protecting your cell phone from viruses is something very simple, you will probably do everything and not feel any kind of hassle or work, on the contrary, you will be able to have the peace of knowing that your data is safe. So it’s worth a try.

Do not connect the device to any computer

People often charge their cell phone via a USB cable that is connected directly to a computer. But, it is important to know that if the machine is unknown then this is a big risk.

The first point is to be aware that some viruses that you have on your computer can be transferred to your cell phone. So if you make the connection, it can happen. In addition, some individuals already leave the machine ready to invade the device if they have contact with it. So, the ideal is always to avoid doing this when possible.

Start Slowly

All the tips that were passed, although simple, can be a lot for those who have no experience with technology. So if that’s your case, try to make the change slowly. Also, if you need it, don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Knowing how to protect your phone from viruses is one way to have peace of mind. As such, this is a process that should never be renounced by anyone who wants to achieve this goal.


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