How is Internet Speed Tool Helpful?


Due to massive use, today the internet is available almost everywhere, but its speed is not satisfactory. To check our connection speed and bandwidth, we use an internet speed checker tool. They evaluate our connection speed by checking the upload and download speed as well as jitter and ping also be measured. The internet speed is beneficial in improving your internet connection and finding the troubleshooter. 

In this article, you will learn the precautions before running an internet speed test and how a speed test helps in improving our internet speed. 

How Does Internet Speed Test Improve Our Internet?

Knowing how to utilize speed test tools to improve your internet speed is very important. Hence, you can check your internet speed. Here are a few ways in which internet speed tests can be beneficial.

Find a suitable mobile operator with the fastest connection

You should evaluate which mobile service provides the fastest speed connection at your preferable connection. Try different connections to find where you catch the fastest internet signals. 

Find the best place to catch more signals

Whenever you are working from home, sit closer to the router as it will strengthen the signals. Remember that in the office, due to more internet users, your connection might be disturbed. So avoid crowded places. Sit closer to the router where there are not too many people. Or you can choose a device with smaller bandwidth. 

Are You Getting the Same Internet Speed as You Pay for?

Sometimes, the ISP doesn’t provide the claimed internet speed. Therefore, connect your device directly to the router with an Ethernet cable and test your internet speed. Check whether the upload and download speed is appropriate or if there’s any issue. Then, you can contact the ISP to discuss the speed issue with proof. 

If your internet speed is messing up all your online work, then you should check whether the problem lies in the router or ISP. You can do it with several internet tests. First, connect your device to the router via an ethernet cable and run an internet test. Then run another internet test but without cable on wifi. If there’s a large difference, then your router is the problem. If there’s little difference, then the ISP is troublesome.

How To Get Accurate Internet Speed Test Results?

Sometimes the internet speed test doesn’t show the actual results. This might be due to some of the reasons. Hence, you should ensure to do the following before running an Internet speed test. 

  • Connect your device to the router via an ethernet cable
  • Disconnect your VPNs connection
  • Don’t play any video or audio
  • Do not play any online games
  • Disconnect any other connected devices from the internet
  • Run the test after clearing the cache and cookies or in an incognito mode
  • Take several tests at time intervals. Like in the morning, busy hours, noon, midnight, and on weekends
  • Don’t use the ISP speed test tool, as it may show wrong estimations. Try the other speed test tool instead to get the accurate results
  • Restart your router or modem if needed

After performing the test, you can change your router position if you are not getting the promised speed. Or upgrade your router, find blind space in your home to catch higher speed, or change the channel to the least crowded. However, if none of these work, then the last option is to consult the ISP service provider regarding the internet speed issue.

What is Good Speed Internet Speed?

An internet connection of 100 Mbps download, and 10 Mbps upload is perfect for your zoom meetings, cloud service, video gaming, live streaming, and Netflix. Moreover, you can also connect several devices to your router at this speed. 

It is an ideal speed for common use. You can check your internet speed and verify whether it suits your need. Your internet speed requirement varies on your usage and bandwidth. 

While a small business can even sell on 100 Mbps download speed but for some companies, even an internet speed of 2 Gbps is not sufficient. Hence, before buying any package, first check your internet speed requirement.  

Bottom Line

Sometimes, the trouble may lie in your bandwidth. If many people are connected with the same router then it will also affect your internet speed. Moreover, a larger distance between the device and the router can also disturb the signal distribution. But if your speed is not as promised by isp then you must question them with the evidence of the internet speed test results. Ask for a new connection or switch to another service provider. 


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