How to achieve a smooth finish in your kitchen cabinet painting?

kitchen cabinet painting

Do you wish to paint the kitchen cabinets as part of your kitchen’s makeover? If you have accomplished kitchen cabinet painting of any day in any category, you are conscious of how challenging it can be to get an immaculate surface. Professionals already had done a portion of the legwork for you by extensively researching this issue.

There are rare techniques to make certain your painted kitchen cupboards have a soft surface. Here is some tried-and-true advice to help you get the desired flawless finish in cabinet refinishing. So, read the entire blog to apprehend how you can accomplish the smoothest paint on the cabinet.

Do your homework

Actually, this aspect of the project requires the greatest attention. A paint job is only as excellent as the preparation. You are creating the groundwork for a quality layer of paint by carefully prepping the cabinets. What does this entail, then? It would be agreeably good if you did your homework as the Calgary painters do.

Take down all the doors, shelves, and hardware

You should start with this. Withdrawing your cabinets alone to be refinished might seem to be an intelligent idea. Coating over or around hardware will produce a dripping, unsightly paint job. Therefore, start your job by removing all your cabinets’ doors and shelves. The following action is to extract all of the screws and controls from the cupboards and the doors.

Label every piece of hardware, going from left to right expert advice. By accomplishing this, you will be sufficiently able to supersede them after finishing the job.

Purge everything

Even the cleanest kitchen may eventually accumulate dirt in unexpected areas. Grease, dirt, smoke, food particles are collected in kitchen cabinets. As a result, your cabinets may end up with a flimsy outside covering that may hinder paint as well as a primer from sticking to them effectively.

You must use a potent degreaser and scrub your cabinets from top to bottom to get rid of this. Anywhere you’ll be painting, do this beforehand. When you are finished, make sure to dry everything thoroughly and wipe away any leftover cleanser.

Sand fine

After filling in any indentations, you should sand everything down to a smooth finish. For this phase, use sandpaper with 100–150 grains. This serves two purposes. The wood filler and other raised flaws on your cabinets must get smoothed away.

In expansion, you will be shooting the foremost finish. A glossy, smooth varnish and glaze will prevent your paint from adhering to it effectively. A durable finish may get ensured by lightly sanding the surface. Following the primer application, you should sand one more.

Decide on lacquer paint

However, you must have a painting sprayer! Your kitchen cabinets will have the smoothest, toughest surface if you choose lacquer paint. The drying period is the foremost drawback to utilizing it. Unlike paint, lacquer dries far too quickly to be sprayed on if you choose not to work with lacquer or don’t want to have used a paint sprayer for interior painting in Calgary.


Wrapping up, this is how you can obtain a smooth finish. With these ideas, you can find a better finish now.

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