How To Become A Heavy Haul Truck Driver?

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Your career as a heavy haul truck driver is full of great opportunities. In America alone, more than 3 million heavy haul truck drivers work to move 9 billion tons of freight. Best trucking companies in Ontario, Canada, are well-equipped with efficient heavy hauling trucks to get the job done without delays. It requires a lot of field expertise to handle oversized freight so, you need to go through a systematic process to become eligible for heavy haul trucking.

The process of becoming a heavy haul truck driver

The heavy haul trucking companies in Canada deal with all types of cargo that are fairly above the legal limits of standardized transportation. As a heavy haul truck driver, you will need to handle different types of freight, and every project requires a different approach. You may need to operate different heavy machinery and deal with special equipment. That is why you need to complete a special training process before hitting the roads. Following are the steps that you need to follow if you want to become a heavy haul truck driver:

Meet the basic requirements for license:

Depending upon the province or state, you may need to fulfill the specific requirement to apply for a custom driving license (CDL). You may also show the proofs of basic level education before applying for your license. It is essential to have a non-commercial driving license with good records to help the authorities in offering you a commercial driving license. Just like the non-commercial driving license, you need to hold a temporary learner’s permit of 30-60 days before applying for a permanent CDL.

Gain expertise:

It is essential to get all the necessary driving skills to deal with heavy haul trucks. If you are a new heavy haul enthusiast, you may need to join accredited trucking schools to gain professional knowledge and experience about heavy haul trucking. These schools offer shorter but full-time training programs for commercial truck drivers. The program is about six weeks or so. Trucking companies in Canada often prefer those heavy-haul truck drivers who have specialized training from accredited institutions.

Pro tip-Get the endorsement:

One thing that can distinguish you from other CDL candidates is the endorsement certificate. If you have expertise in semi-trucks, heavy vehicles, or hazardous loading, the chances are bright that you will get your CDL more easily. You don’t need to be a full-time heavy vehicle driver for the endorsement. If you own an above standard level vehicle, you can show the ownership to get the additional benefits.

Get your CDL and make use of it:

When you have completed all the basic requirements and your temporary learner’s permit has ended, it is time to get your hands on your commercial driving license CDL. The regulatory authorities will conduct a theoretical as well as practical test for each candidate. If you are lucky enough to pass the testing formalities, you will get your CDL. All you have to do is throw your job applications to join the best trucking companies in Canada.

Choose the right trucking company:

It is important to work in a professional and friendly environment. Heavy hauling requires teamwork, and a heavy haul truck driver alone cannot complete the job successfully. Best trucking companies in Ontario have a professional code of conduct. They ensure the proper safety of client’s oversized freight by taking responsibility for each and every process involved in heavy hauling. In this way, you can easily maintain a great track record for the regular renewal of your CDL.


Are you a heavy haul enthusiast seeking a professional career as a heavy haul truck driver? You need to go through some formalities before hitting the roads. It is imperative to hold a commercial driving license (CDL) before joining a trucking company in Canada. Having full-time accredited training and owning an endorsement certificate can make the process relatively easier.

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