How to Bet In-Play on Boxing

Professional boxing is more popular today than ever due to a sharp increase in bouts shown live. The top promoters sign television deals with the leading broadcasters, and unlike past seasons when channels only screened the main events, now more fights from the card are available to watch. That allows fans to chart the rise of the best upcoming talent and potential future champions. Boxing is more accessible to the masses than at any stage in history, and we’re delighted.

Who is your favorite fighter, past or present? Could today’s heavyweights like Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk survive in the division’s glory days with Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, and Sonny Liston? Some boxing purists believe the era of the 15-round fighter will always be the pinnacle, while those who prefer modern boxing argue sports science has produced stronger, fitter, and better champions. Regardless of which side of the fence you sit, the heavyweight division is enjoying a resurgence.

Fans want to see one true heavyweight champion crowned before the end of 2024. The quickest way to make that happen is for the two champions, Fury and Usyk, to share a ring before long. Fury vs. Usyk can’t be another potential blockbuster that slips through the net. The bout is yet to be signed, sealed, and delivered, but leading online sportsbook BetUS is already offering odds and accepting bets. Pick a camp and back them to win.

Boxing betting

Boxing is fascinating whether you’re a follower of the hard-hitting heavyweight division or prefer the speed and skill of the lighter weights. It’s no surprise viewing figures continue to rise year-on-year with armchair fans watching the action on television or through the best live-streaming apps. Stars of modern boxing include Terence Crawford, Saul Alvarez, and Naoya Inoue, joining Fury and Usyk.

Why is the ancient art of boxing so popular when most other combat sports are losing fans? What is it about the noble art that keeps people coming back for more, watching the punishment, damage, and frustrations from the edge of their seats? Boxing is as old as human civilization, with records of bouts in the early Olympics. It’s easy to imagine a more crude and uncivilized form of the sport used to settle feuds as far back as you care to search.

Modern professional boxing is fast-paced, exciting, and unpredictable. A bout can change in the blink of an eye with a well-timed, impeccably delivered shot switching the result. That edge-of-your-seat excitement means boxing is perfect for gambling, and you’ll often find the most famous bookies offering odds and markets.

Predict the winner, confirm your stake, and enjoy the show. Watching championship boxing is great fun, but it doesn’t compare to watching the fight while cheering on a successful prediction and a profit. Wager on the fight winner or play one of the many specials, including total rounds, method of victory, and the number of knockdowns in a contest.

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Betting pre-fight

Most boxing fans like to place pre-fight bets, predicting the winner or one of the many specials. You can gamble on boxing in seconds using your desktop or mobile. Log in to your account, click the boxing tab, upcoming bouts, and the market you want to bet. Add your stake and confirm. Your bet is live and can’t be changed, but a cash-out amount appears.

Although pre-fight betting is simple and popular, it has many dangers. When gambling before the opening bell, you predict the bout’s outcome and that both boxers are fit and will avoid damage. You’re gambling on the crowd, not impacting the result, the referee’s mood and your fighter settling quickly. When betting on boxing, you second-guess many important factors that could affect the contest.

The fight winner market is the bettor’s choice, but the method of victory is also appealing. Predict which fighter you expect to win the bout and how they’ll achieve the result, on points or by KO/TKO. It’s a difficult market to get right, but the odds are worth winning. Study the stats and see if your chosen fighter usually wins by stoppage or on the scorecards.

Gambling in-play

When betting in-play, you remove some of the potential hazards to your bet. Not many boxing fans have the patience to hold their nerve and gamble in play, but gamblers who do take advantage often land a profit. When a bout is live, you’ll quickly realize if both fighters are fit and the tactics of the referee. You’ll know which side the crowd is on and more. In-play gambling increases your chance of picking a winning bet.

When you settle down to watch a fight live on TV, at the stadium, or through a live-streaming app, you must log in to your betting account and open the live betting tab. Locate your fight, and the in-play betting begins at the first bell. Most of the pre-fight markets remain live when the contest starts, with a live trader updating the odds to mirror the flow of the bout.

When betting pre-fight, you’re taking a chance on the clash, but when gambling in-play, it’s a shoot-out between you and the trader. Suppose a bout is in the fight round, and the favorite is winning. They land a great shot that opens a nasty-looking cut above their opponent’s eye.

You spot the fight in danger and quickly back the favorite to win by stoppage in the next few rounds. The same applies if the fight is boring and you spot that early. If the opening few rounds have been dull, bet on the bout testing the judges or choose one fighter to win on points.

Split your stake

Many professional boxing bettors like to sit on the fence and split their stakes. If they plan to bet $50 on a championship boxing bout, they may half it, gambling $25 on the best of the pre-match betting markets and keeping the other $25 for in-play betting.

The first half of your stake goes on your prediction, and you use the second half to respond to any developments, such as a cut or knockdown.

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