How To build a Mobile chat app with PhoneGap

How To build a Mobile chat app with PhoneGap

Mobile phones have become a part of our life. Today we are so addicted to this thing in our hands that without a mobile phone for some time you feel as if something is missing! Mobile phones and their development in the future.

There are various platforms to choose from and it does not help that the cost barrier is the development for these multiple platforms. We are dependent on the numerous apps on our mobile for various tasks like paying bills, shopping online, getting the latest news updates, etc.

We use our mobile to chat with our friends. Chat groups have become popular with the rapid growth of social networks.

Messengers are more popular than ever before. We communicate with not only our friends and relatives but also develop our businesses as well.

Messaging has become the key method of communication. It has contributed to a renewed popularity and there is a growth of messengers since after the coronavirus pandemic struck the world.

Various chat apps are used by people all over the world. A modern chat app must contain all the noteworthy functions that can be adapted to any type of chatting solution. A perfect chat app must offer solutions for customer-focused business communication, personal chat, eCommerce chat, etc.

Mobile development software has gained prominence and there are so many software for developing mobile apps like AppMachine, PhoneGap, AppyPie, etc. Of these PhoneGap development is a framework by Adobe Systems that is a solution for developing apps for different platforms with a single codebase.

How to Build a Mobile Chat App with PhoneGap

The PhoneGap development company is a framework that lets developers build applications for various mobile platforms using web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

The aim is to develop one application and then deploy it to various platforms without having to rewrite the code.

PhoneGap development company accomplishes this largely by writing a user interface of their app. Its development tools bundle the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files into a platform-specific deployment package.

PhoneGap produces apps for most of the popular mobile OS platforms like

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows 8
  • BlackBerry 5.x +
  • WebOS
  • Symbian
  • Tizen

It is an open-source software to build websites and applications. Building business apps for different operating systems demand different frameworks and languages.

Steps to Build a Mobile Chat app with PhoneGap

The following are few steps to follow for building a Mobile Chat App with PhoneGap

  1.   Install PhoneGap

To start building apps with PhoneGap, you need to install PhoneGap first. There are certain requirements for installing PhoneGap in your android, iOS, or other operating systems. At first, install Cordova. All the other tools to install will completely depend on the features you want to incorporate in your app. Installing PhoneGap and its tools has simplified setting up projects greatly especially with version 3 of PhoneGap. The new command-line interface tools are based on Node.js. Once Node.js is in place then simply run one command for the node package to install PhoneGap’s tools.

  1.   Create a Project

It would have taken a lot of time for you to install the requirements and get here. Believe it or not, the wait is all worth it. Now we have to start a PhoneGap or rather a Cordova project. You might at first want to create a “Hello World” program in the Cordova project. The basic features of the Cordova project include platforms, plugins, and hooks. While the platform is a folder containing every platform, your code will compile on, the plugin is a specific feature that can be added to a living program. Whereas the hook is a folder to shelter scripts that should be run at individual stages of an app.

  1.   Make use of different coding languages to develop an application

You can utilize coding language to develop a mobile application. These languages can be AngularJS, HTML, or Javascript. All these three languages are quite important and necessary needs for the front-end coding of an application. These languages have very high importance in the designing part of a website not only in PhoneGap but also for other front-end development uses. HTML can be said to be the skeleton of the website whereas JavaScript can be called the switch of the basic HTML code. Include all the AngularJS and the JavaScript part into the HTML code. What you see now is how the face of your application will look like.

  1.   Test the code

Testing code can be coined to be one of the most important steps in app building. It is very necessary to test a code. Testing helps in finding the bugs of a code. It also helps in changing the “bad” code to a “good” one. Thus, make sure you test the code properly on an emulator.

  1.   Create a Cordova Code

This step is important for Android devices. Creating a proper Cordova code binds the already created and tested code to a proper platform. In other words, the code gets a platform to run and perform.

  1.   Test the Cordova code on an Android emulator

Before testing the code, you might want to create a virtual device. This is also a necessary step.

  1.   Run the code on an Android

If proper code is entered, then this step will install the application on your android device. However, this step will not automatically launch the application into your android.


Building a mobile application requires a good dedicated mind. Also, you might have to run through different codes from many websites.


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