How to Game on the Go (Complete Guide)


In 2022, portable gaming is the latest craze. Rarely are people ever in the same spot for too long; instead, they’re constantly out on the move, which makes gaming a lot more difficult. The solution? It’s gaming on the go!

Fortunately, thanks to modern tech, it’s much easier to game when you’re not at home – whether you’re on an important work trip or in the middle of a vacation. Want to learn how to get the most out of portable gaming? Check out the details below! 

Use Travel-Friendly Games

For when you’re out and about, you’ll need to select some travel-friendly games. For example, Call of Duty: Warzone isn’t suitable for playing on the go; there’s too much happening, and it’s very difficult to interact with the gameplay on-screen. So, knowing this, it’s important to play travel-friendly games only.

In fact, millions of people opt to play online casino games, such as online slots, for the reason that they’re incredibly easy to enjoy on the go. The gameplay is straightforward and simple, which makes it suitable for playing in any location. After all, it’s simply a case of swiping your finger across the screen to spin the slot reels.

Plus, it’s not just the smooth and accessible gameplay that makes this casino classic so popular; it’s also the abundance of attractive bonuses available. For instance, you can get free casino spins with no deposit, which are highly sought-after perks – especially amongst those who are new to online casino culture.

Mobile Gaming (iOS and Android)

When it comes to playing on the go, mobile gaming is generally your best bet because most smartphones – from flagship iPhones to Androids – can easily fit in your hand. Also, aside from a reliable mobile network connection, you don’t need much else to make games on these devices work!

Currently, both iOS and Android app stores have a ton of free games to download, from Candy Crush Saga, strategy games, and board games to a whole host of casino classics. These types of games are perfect for playing on the go, particularly if you’re a busy person who needs short bursts of entertainment.

Tablet Gaming

If your smartphone’s screen is too small for you, but you still want to game on the go, using a tablet is a good idea. The chief idea behind gaming on a tablet is to experience a slightly larger screen without weighing yourself down with the likes of a bulky computer or laptop – and tablets enable this exactly.

Additionally, gaming tablets can easily fit inside backpacks without taking up too much space, making them handy to carry around with you wherever you go.

The Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch has sold over 100 million units since its release. Although it hasn’t surpassed the Nintendo DS yet, it very likely will in the future!

The main reason why the Nintendo Switch remains so popular is that it’s a handheld console purpose-built for gaming. It can fit in any bag or large pocket – plus, it also has an excellent battery, meaning it takes quite a while to run out of power.

With the Switch, you’ll also gain access to a vast array of exclusive games and titles. For example, the Mario franchise is owned and distributed by Nintendo, which means you’ll get all the latest releases with a subscription to the Switch platform.

Lastly, another upside to the Nintendo Switch is that you can watch YouTube videos and movies on it. For those long train and Uber journeys, this is a real plus!

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