How To Watch Indian Hotstar In UK?


How To Watch Indian Hotstar In UK?

Every person wants some of the other sources of entertainment to spend their free time. If you are visiting the UK then you might surely miss the Hotstar India shows as they are not available in the UK. Though using a VPN can help you to tackle this problem.

Here, we are detailing the list of VPNs that you can use to streaming Indian Hotstar shows from the UK. All the VPNs that we will discuss will be safe and provide you good streaming experience.

3 Best VPN To Stream India Hotstar From UK

There are both paid and free VPN for Hotstar available in the market. Out of them, we have handpicked the 3 VPNs that you can use to stream Indian Hotstar anywhere from the world. So, let’s know about these VPNs in detail:


ExpressVPN is a popular VPN that users can use to stream Hotstar. This VPN offers approx 3000 servers within 94 countries all over the world that includes all the possible Hotstar locations. Not only at the global level, but the Express VPN also offers several servers within the Indian state boundaries as well.

This VPN ensures a guaranteed reliable and super-fast connection facility for its users. It also has capabilities to access the Hotstar very easily by breaking the toughest geo-blocks.

Even, the inclusion of incredible speeds and unlimited bandwidth and data makes the access of users to the Hotstar shows from other lands through unrestricted streaming. Even, the shows that users are watching are in HD format and are free from buffering and lagging.

The main purpose of a VPN is to offer security against identity theft or data that might disclose the real identity of the users. Hence, to maintain its primary function, the Express VPN offers AES 256-bit encryption that ensures complete security for its users over public networks too. Some of the other additional features that the Express VPN offers for making the connection of its users as safe and secure are as follows:

  • Automatic kill switch
  • Strict no-logs policy
  • DNS and IP leak protection to avoid unnecessary leakage of users’ personal data
  • Built-in ad blocker for stopping the malware and ads to interrupt the users’ online streaming activity
  • Using a single free subscription of Express VPN, the users may add the security of VPN over 5 devices simultaneously.
  • Also, the availability of 24*7 customer support through chats, calls, and technical blog section over its online platform.

Windscribe VPN

The Windscribe VPN offers the highest data allowance to its users i.e. 10 GB of data every month and this amount of data is enough to stream the videos in standard definition for approx 10 hours. In short, the users may go ahead with a movie marathon through Windscribe VPN.

The usage of Windscribe offers global servers from 10 countries to access the movies and shows of Hotstar without geo-blocking restrictions. Even, the speed offered by this VPN is also reliable and thus, the users may stream the videos with minimal lags and buffering. The Windscribe VPN is easy to use as the users need not sign-up using the email address.

Another additional feature that makes this VPN highly recommendable is an automatic kill switch along with a strict no-logs policy for restricting the users to reveal their identity or online prints during the connection loss as well. The users may install this VPN over as many as devices they are willing to. Windscribe offers its customer support all round the clock through chats, calls, technical blogs, and email support too. VPN

The VPN offers the users to access the Hotstar from 5 servers that too in the US only hence, the users may only stream the video and shows of US Hotstar. Along with this, month, this VPN offers 2 GB of data every month which ensures that the users may watch out the videos for two hours in standard definition. During these 2 hours of online streaming, the users will be able to stream the videos i.e. shows and movies without getting interrupted via undesirable ads and at a reliable speed. Due to this, it is also considered one of the best VPN for CSGO game.

The lacks to offer connection facility to multiple deice but it only single device connection i.e. the users may watch or stream the online videos, shows, and movies only a single device. This is easy to use and navigate which ensures the users watch the Hotstar shows and movies in an easy way. Also, the VPN provides its customer care support all round the clock through a chat feature to its users if they face any issue while using this VPN tool.

The protection to users’ personal identification being the major role of a VPN, the offers complete security to its users through 256-bit encryption, a strict no-log policy, and an automatic kill switch to keep the users’ personal data from being hacked or breached.

Also, the DNS and IP leak protection features of VPN ensures to safeguard the users against the unnecessary leakage of location and data. Even, the users may split tunneling feature for encrypting the traffic, if the users are willing to stream the shows online through a web browser, not with the application.

Winding Up

These are the top VPNs that you can use to stream the various Indian Hotstar libraries from the UK. All the VPNs that we have mentioned also offer a free trial that you can use for using them for free. All these VPNs are legit and you can use any of them without any worry.


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