How migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2 improve your website’s performance?


Magento is the fastest-growing open-source CMS platform for eCommerce stores. More than 250,000 stores are running over it. Magento community gives them the power to integrate the best extensions and features in their stores. 

It’s been around four years when the second version of Magento was launched and the running eCommerce stores were provided with a transition period of 5 years. Fast forward to 4 years, the majority of people have still not moved. 

It is the perfect user interface of Magento 1 that made people overlook the tons of exciting features Magento 2 is providing. People are missing out on the fact of how migration can enhance the performance of your web store.      

If you are unaware of the migration process, it would be recommended to hire Magento 2 migration service to initiate the process smoothly and quickly. Read on to know how the process will enhance the performance of your store. 

Website security: Security is the biggest concern ever for any website. No eCommerce store would want to compromise on their data and information of clients. There will be no security upgrades for the Magento 1 platform from June 2020. Switching to the latest version will ensure safety for your eCommerce store. This is the biggest reason why you should quicken up the process of migration.  

Outdated modules: No longer support from Magento 1 means no module updates. Running the website on outdated modules will ruin the shopping experience of your users. Any Magento agency, that is already working on Magento 2 modules can explain how these advanced features will enhance your website’s functionality. 

Technical architecture: The technical architecture of Magento 2.0 is quite simplified and easy to use as compared to Magento 1.0. All the complicated paths have been eliminated and the simpler things have replaced them. 

The extensions can be placed in a separate folder. It allows developers to add, modify and delete themes easily. The simple file structure is the biggest perk of upgrading your platform.   

Performance: The full-caching support of Magento 2 is amazing. The home page, product page, and service pages everything gets cached easily. The server runs several lines of code every time so that the codes can be retrieved later. It will ease the process of making changes. It further reduces the page load time and enhances user experience.   

Loading speed: The newest version does not use several JS scripts for loading a single page. Thus, the overall page loading speed is far better than the previous version and the overall performance of the website enhances. 

Admin panel: It was a real task for the store owners to operate the dashboard of their Magento 1 stores. Despite being extensively functional it was too complicated to use. The admin panel of Magento 2 is designed in such a way that it provides freedom of operations to the merchants. 

They can even adjust their catalogs as per their requirement.   

Customized features: The technical architecture of the Magento 2 platform makes it easier to perform customization on the website without affecting its performance. It becomes easy to integrate third-party modules without affecting the performance of the website. It does not affect previous modules and integrations at all.  

Optimized codes: The un-optimized codes of Magento 1 were quite strenuous for developers. It was never easy for them to perform customizations and integrate modules. However, the scene is altogether different for Magento 2. The codes are well-optimized and are easy to execute.    

Updates: Magento 1 will receive no updates in the future. On the other hand, being the latest version, there will be latest updates for Magento 2 version. It will help in driving more sales and enhancing the functionality of the store.  

Wrapping up

The change, the migration is imperative. There is no point in letting the older version decrease the overall performance of your website. Make sure to initiate the process as soon as possible.

Magento 2 is the future. 


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