Mina Pulls out of world tour and Kanging leaves the band


Twice music group are in the middle of the ongoing TWICELIGHTS tour. So far, the band has played in several venues across Bangkok, Seoul, and Manila. Nevertheless, the agency of the bank JYP Entertainment is confirming that Mina is not going to join Jeongyeon, Sana, Nayeon, Jihyo, Chaeyoung, Dahyun, and Tzuyu. According to JYP Entertainment, Mina is suffering from insecurity and anxiety.

According to JYP Entertainment:

  • Mina is going through an extreme struggle. Also, she is going to repeated insecurity and anxiety attack when she performs on the stage.
  • None of the band members know as to what is affecting Mina so much that her health is deteriorating.
  • Several medical professionals from around the world are trying to help Mina. They are also trying to verify as to what is wrong with Mina.
  • JYP Entertainment is the largest entertainment companies across South Korea. The firm said that Mina and her band member concluded that Mina needs to be treated. Mina needs medical as well as professional help; additionally, she also needs sufficient rest. Furthermore, due to this significant reason, Mina is not going to continue with the TWICE World Tour 2019. It is undoubtedly unfortunate for Mina’s fan to not be able to see her perform.

As of now, #GetWellSoonMina is trending all around the world. One of the leading K-Pop correspondents Tamar Herman said that she is sorrowful that Mina is going through an emotional breakdown. Anxiety is a very terrible thing that people have to deal with in their lifetime. At least the band members are going to help Mina to recover from this bad time.

Tamar also wrote that she is stunned after she got to know that Mina won’t be able to continue performing in the rest of the tour. But she is hopeful that Mina will walk out of it, in a better way. According to Tamar, talking about the problems and health conditions would help people to become better.

In the meantime, another K-Pop star said that he would separate from his band for a short time. K-Pop star said that he has to deal with his demons and overcome problems in his life. The controversial band member of Super Junior, Kangin shared his fans via Instagram that he wants to put an end to his remarkable career. On top of that, Kangin also apologized to his band members for putting them in trouble over the years.

The entertainment industry is making people have a false notion regarding themselves. Here’s why Kangin is backing out:

  • Kangin used to be an original member of the band. Back in the year 2005, the 34-year-old entertainer has been extremely famous for his line of work.
  • Moreover, Kanging was on hiatus after a couple of violations. Once, he was taken into custody for drinking under the influence. Additionally, he was also involved in a physical altercation with a partner while they were intoxicated.
  • Kangin feels that his band members had to go through a tough time because of his ordeal. He also feels responsible that most of the misfortunes that his band members went through is because of him.
  • Kangin said that he always felt the need to come to a definitive decision and this time, he didn’t take much time to realize the inevitable. Kangin thinks that people have been kind towards him. Given that Kangin made a lot of faults in the past, he was cheered and felt appreciated. Kanging also admits that he was unable to muster the courage and to decide what he needs to do next.

Kangin is still one of the integral parts of the band. However, the band chose to respect his wishes of leaving the group on his own.

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