Miss USA 2019: Miss North Carolina Cheslie Kryst is crowned

miss usa 2019

The winner of Miss USA 2019 pageant is Miss North Carolina Cheslie Kryst. This was on Wednesday that the announcement was made. There were 50 other competitors to capture the title at the occasion of the 68th annual competition. This will be aired on Fox from the grand resort of Sierra in Reno, Nevada. The attorney happened to seal the judges with the phenomenal description of millennial. She said that her generation is innovative. She said that she was standing in Nevada then. She says that Nevada is a place where the majority of female in the legislature is given the utmost importance.

Miss USA 2019 also added that she was the girl of the very first generation to have that forward thinking to thrive well in today’s environment. She said that her diversity, strength, inclusivity as an empowered woman. The 28-year old was confident enough to say that she is all set to continue with the progress that is brought by her generation. The successor was crowned by the Miss Nebraska USA, Sarah Rose Summers who was the winner in the year 2018. The contestants happened to wear a swimsuit as well as evening gown which perfectly showcased their posture, gracefulness and most importantly reflect their personality.

The runner up was Alejandra Gonzalez who was Miss New Mexico followed by Triana Browne who was Miss Oklahoma. The show was hosted by Vanessa Lachey and Nick Lachey on a second year together consecutively. In the completion of the year, the winner would represent the United States in the year 2019.  This is how it was even more interesting with the hosts. The commentators again made their way back to back after their consecutive year.

Here is a sneak peek for the people so that they can get detailed updates about the show. The ladies made their way to the hearts of the judges and the viewers while the gown session. After that there was a question and answer session where it went a little political. All the ladies made it a point to answer the questions at best. One of the judges, the miss universe 2016, Nel made it quite clear about her relationship with a football player. She even showed her engagement ring. This was one of the most important highlights of the whole show. The pageant’s contestants took up the major part of the spot highlight when they had the gown session.

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