Pashubajaar The Online Trusted Platform To Buy Healthy Goat This Eid

Pashubajaar The Online Trusted Platform To Buy Healthy Goat This Eid

The new Digital India is shinning in every sphere. From payment to grocery shopping, everything is happening on the digital platform. Pashubajaar has taken the opportunity to uplift their livestock business to the online platform. They have started an eCommerce website where they can sell and buy goats from all over India. This exclusive venture is a ray of hope for millions of people in India who are waiting to purchase Goat For Qurbani in the upcoming Eid Ai-Adha.

Every year it is the biggest festival for the Muslim community as they pay tribute to the dedication and sacrifice of Prophet Abraham. To show their devotion and commitment towards the almighty, they have to offer their Qurbani of Goat on this occasion. However, this year, the complete arrangement has been disturbed due to the Covid-19 outbreak. The lockdown caused by the deadly Pandemic has made it impossible to go to the local livestock market and buy the Eid Qurbani Goat.

In this situation, the Pashubajaar is the only hope where they can get the delivery of the goats at the doorstep. You can just give the order from their website and you will get timely delivery of healthy goats.

What is Pashubajaar?

Pashubajaar is an online initiative of The Nandi Nandan Breeds & Seeds India Pvt Ltd which is a sister concern of The Goat Trust. On this website, you will get to choose from a wide range of goats from all the topmost breeds of India along with local breeds. You will get goats like Black Bengal, Barbari, Jamunapari, Sirohi, Betal, Gaddi, and Osmanabadi here. No matter where you live in this country, the delivery option is available all over unless the area comes under the red zone.  

 Another interesting feature of this website is that it offers the live body weight sale to retain the credibility of their customers. It is their effort to follow the transparency in the online livestock business.   

Why you should buy Qurbani Goat from Pashubajaar?

In this lockdown period, it is almost impossible to buy Eid Qurbani Goat from the market as most of the livestock shops are closed. Here Pashubajaar is the most trusted platform to buy the bakri for Eid. Here are some excellent reasons listed below:

  • Pashubajaar ensures that you will get the suitable Goats for Qurbani under the Meat Distribution Rules and Regulations. They never sell and deliver the goats that are forbidden for Qurbani for certain conditions.
  • All the goats receive the timely vaccine to make sure that they stay disease-free.
  • The goats are checked by qualified and license veterinarians and the customers receive a health certificate for the individual goat as the proof of their healthy and disease-free condition. On the other hand, you don’t know the goat you buy from the local market has any internal disease or not.
  • They are the first online livestock business in India that provides live body weight to sell the goats.
  • You will get the delivery at the doorstep on the given date. And you can take the opportunity to buy them from your home without visiting the unhygienic market place.  

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