Podcasting: How Can It Be Beneficial For Your Entrepreneurial Journey?


From the times of watching Disney Princesses dancing on our TV screens to binge-watching Stranger Things on Netflix, we very well know that entertainment has kept changing then and now.

Let’s now jump ahead to the present. As we’re still discussing the latest movies and TV shows, we’ve added another form of entertainment to the list, and that is – podcasting.

As per Podcast Insights, 50% of homes worldwide are indeed the so-called ‘Podcast Fans.’ It has also been said that three out of every four listeners say that they listen to the podcasts for learning new things every day.

To your surprise, more than half of the listeners most probably prefer buying the products from the brands that they hear on podcasts. Can you imagine the effect podcasting will have on growing your business?

Dan Lok has mentioned quite often that “If you are focused on delivering value, money comes.” Being one of the world-famous entrepreneurs, he has always believed in providing value to his audiences.

The Dan Lok Show has used podcasting as a medium to target its audience and provide them valuable content to learn. Likewise, if you are an entrepreneur, then you can also use this medium of entertainment to gain the attention of the people.

Here are a few benefits of how a podcast can help you grow your business.

Build a Personal Connection

Listening to the presenter’s voice helps to strengthen the relationship with the people than plainly reading a blog on a website. Audiences become acquainted with your voice and speech style if you broadcast regular podcasts.

This recognition and close one-sided interaction keep them returning and remembering your company. A podcast makes it possible to reach out to potential clients in a more personalized way.

Highly Interactive

There is a lot of penned-down content on the internet, so coming up with audio information is a pleasant relief for the users. Podcasts allow you to tell your story in a highly interactive manner. According to a survey of 300,000 podcast listeners, 63 percent of people purchased things promoted on a host’s show. The same survey revealed that 71 percent of listeners visited the host’s website to look at services or products provided by the podcast presenter.

Brand Awareness

The consistency of regular podcasts aids in the development of your company’s brand, allowing it to become a star in every household. You can incorporate the information in the podcast’s content about the products and services that you offer. For instance, if you are a financial advisor creating a podcast about personal finance can make you great help for them.

Added Income Stream

When you begin podcasting, you will discover that you enjoy doing it. However, if you’re productive and consistently publish interactive episodes, it’s also a nice way of earning money for your business. The podcasting industry is so large that it will certainly help you earn millions.

Lastly, all that we can say from a creative perspective is that podcasts can work for almost any subject or industry. Hence, incorporating it into your business can be fruitful in the long term.



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