Choosing a Rack Mount Power Distribution Unit for Computers and Network Equipment

Power Distribution Unit

Rack Mount Power Distribution Units (PDUs) are essential for any rack mount installation. 

Why buy a rack mount UPS from Eaton Industries? It is important to understand the role of a Power Distribution Unit and what this function does for your computer and networking equipment.

What is PDU?

A PDU, or power distribution unit, is a device used to distribute an input supply of electricity evenly across many pieces of equipment. Manufacturers refer to the PDU as either a PDU or a rack mount power board. But regardless of what they are called, they are installed inside server racks that conform to the same dimensions IT technicians use. Two types of PDUs that are widely used are twisted-pair PDUs and co-axial PDUs.

There is something about storing and using electrical energy that has fascinated us as a whole for decades now. At one point, many electric companies would provide this service to people and create huge buildings to store their excess energy. Their warehouses had plenty of room for such objects as these. Somewhere along the way, as technology began to rise and we became more “green,” we got away from these types of things. But there is still a need for them –- and the need isn’t going away anytime soon, especially with emerging technology like your new Tesla Model S. There is a new and fantastic way to store and use energy called the rack mount UPS from Eaton Industries. This device can store enough of your excess power for you.

What are the ins and outs?

Power distribution and electricity are one of the unsung heroes in data centers. You may or may not have noticed, and there is a 19-inch rack-mount power strip with outlets to connect electrical power cords from servers and network equipment. Additionally, the power board can utilize, for example, 6 power outlets or as many as 20 outlets integrated into the power board.

Containerized applications are offered in 2 sizes (20-inches by 104-inches and 20-inches by 42-inches) with 24 rack units per container. These units can be mounted horizontal, vertical, and even floor mounted. 

Good for data centers

Remote power management is an emerging high-tech application that is gaining  extensive popularity in the  IT industry. The primary role of a PDU has been to distribute branch circuit power to various servers and network devices in a data center. But with remote power management, an authorized ICT staff can remotely access and control PDU to ensure the computer network devices uptime is maximized while at the same time energy consumption can be kept to a minimal level.

Extremely high currents are known to melt the receptacles on patch panels which may be fatal to the server hardware. It is, therefore, prudent to have PDUs with ample surge capacity to accommodate these conditions. The power rating of server power strips is an important factor in the running of data centers. Power consumption should be monitored regularly to ensure that it doesn’t exceed the rating of the power strip. The rating of a power strip is generally high enough for adequate use, but there are instances when the rating may require upgrading.

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