Remodeling an Old House – What to Restore & What to Replace

Remodeling an Old House

Old homes exude charm, but they may need updates to be more comfy and cozy for the modern family. If you’ve just recently bought a pre-loved house, or you’re living in an old house that desperately needs an upgrade, you may be wondering what to do. A total renovation can be very expensive, labor-intensive, and time-consuming. Hence, you need to decide what you can restore and what you can replace.

The Nuances of Replacing and Restoration

Both have pros and cons. For one thing, the total replacement of piping systems, fixtures, cabinets, etc. shall be more costly. However, some professionals assert that this is a worthwhile investment because everything will be new with warranties. Though you fork out more money with replacement, you can rest assured that the new items will work well for a long period. There’s also something comforting about living in a home that has been updated with new accoutrements. Everything is fresh!

On the other hand, restoration also comes with its benefits. If you are a sentimental person, demolishing and replacing is not an option. After all, vintage pieces possess their unique appeal. As such, restoring an old item into its original glory works better. This method may also save you money. For example, sprucing up old bathroom tiles with fresh grout and polishing fixtures will be cheaper than a complete bathroom renovation.

Do Not Replace Things That Give Value to Your Home

An old home’s charisma rests on its original trims, intricate moldings, and rustic baseboards. All these details add to your home’s unique appeal so don’t be quick to dispose of them. The same goes for thick doors that have embellishments and carvings. It would be a terrible waste to discard a piece of history. These antiques hold value so proceed with caution.

Instead, ask your contractor to consider sanding and refinishing these details to the color stain you prefer. Apart from preserving the authenticity of your home, restoring these details will save you a lot of money. If some parts are missing, fret not because many shops sell these period trimmings.

Resist Replacing The Old Fireplace(s)

A lot of old homes have a fireplace in each room. Before you knock them down or fill them up with drywall to turn into blank walls, think about what these touches can do for you:

  1. They can serve as an alternative heat option, helping you cut your home’s energy bills.
  2. They give each room a touch of character and class.
  3. It gives your entire home a distinct touch because not many modern houses contain fireplaces.

To help you out, ask your builder to refurbish old fireplaces. Those that have been sealed up must be revealed and restored. Doing so will make your home even more appealing and valuable.

Do Not Touch Those With Natural Wood

It would be best to leave old hardwood floors alone. Natural wood has its charm, and in today’s modern world, getting the same floors would be very expensive. In the same token, check window sills for damage. They could be warped or cracked. The good news is, you can often preserve glass.

You must also ask a professional to come in for much-needed rodent control. Ask them to seal up any cracks in your walls, floors, and windows. You don’t want any pests to create damage and wreak havoc into your property, especially when you’re spending so much for remodeling. When it comes to these wooden details, you are better of refinishing them. Apart from saving you a lot of money, it will help you keep the vintage aura of your home.

Replace Items With Tons of Wear and Tear

When you do your assessment, consider replacing your HVAC to a more modern and energy-saving saving system. Inspect both plumbing and electrical wiring to ensure that no problems arise before you move in. Most old homes have outdated pipes and cables. The last thing you want to deal with is a leak or a short circuit.

In the same token, don’t forget to inspect the roofing system. Any roof has a lifespan of about 20 to 30 years depending on the kind. This part of the house serves an important job of protecting you against harsh environmental elements. You have to make sure you consult an experienced roofer to check the roof’s integrity. Consider replacing items that show too much wear.

Final Word

To help you decide between replacing and restoring, you must check your needs, preferences, budget and weigh your options. But whatever approach your opt for, know that you are in for an exciting adventure because remodeling an old house is always fun. This process transforms an old abode into your beloved home. And home is where your heart is!

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