What is the reason behind the Russia Ukraine Conflict?

Russia Ukraine Conflict

It is very trending news nowadays in social media that the war between Russia and Ukraine has already started. Can it lead to world war? Let’s know what led to the conflict between these two countries. On 24th August 1991, Ukraine officially declared itself an independent country when the communist Supreme Soviet (parliament) of Ukraine announced that Ukraine is no longer under Russia and its law USSR and only follows the law of Ukrainian SSR.

DE facto declared Ukraine’s independence from the Soviet Union.

Russia and Ukraine had a very diplomatic relationship since 24th February 2022, and now the Russia Ukraine conflict has turned into a state of war. It began in 2014 following the annexation of Crimea from Ukraine. Ukraine has been living in a fearful state of war since the invasion of Crimea.

Russia and Ukraine have been at odds with each other for eight years as Russia is claiming Ukraine as part of its country, but Ukraine keeps opposing. Russian President Vladimir Putin now wants to capture the soviet union republic again. He requested the Ukrainian army to put down their weapons. The Russia Ukraine conflict got heated when Ukraine’s president asked US president Joe Biden to join NATO forces in January previous year.

When did the conflict between Russia And Ukraine start?

It all began last spring when Russia started sending more soldiers near Ukraine border for training exercises and boosted the number of falls. Then the US began to hype all over the media that Russia was trying to invade the border, and the US president Joe Biden threatened Russia to stay out of Ukraine and never attack it.

Russia wanted a legal promise from the US that NATO forces would stay out of Ukraine and never conduct any military operation in eastern Europe, specifically in Ukraine. According to Russia, Ukraine is just a puppet of the US and was never a real cause. Russia increased the count of troops and surrounded Ukraine, which started Russia Ukraine conflict. Russia’s main demand is that Ukraine should withdraw from joining NATO, an alliance between all European countries.

Why Is Russia Invading Ukraine?

Russia invaded Ukraine in early 2014 because Putin had captured major swaths of Ukraine and fought the Ukraine army; this is where Russia annexed Crimea. This gave Russia Ukraine conflict a major twist. All the social and cultural ties between Russia and Ukraine died because of the invasion. When Ukraine’s president lost the war, Russia became offensive and hyped that around 14000 soldiers died in this war.

They both signed an agreement to end the conflict between them, but still, the conflict continued, and Russia sent peacekeepers to all the east region, but according to Moscow, it was to occupy Ukraine. The rising heat between these two countries started affecting the European Union as these two countries share the European border.

Europe has seen danger supporting Russia, so it joined hands with the US and wanted penalties against Russia, and the majority members of this council were NATO members. Every country wants peace, so a few days ago the French president visited Russia’s president Vladimir Putin in order to make peace with Ukraine. Even India is giving diplomatic solutions to Russia through talk in order to maintain peace.

When the Russian leader ordered the invasion of the capital of Ukraine

the nation asked why he was doing so? And in defense, he said Russia was under the constant threat of Ukraine, whereas Ukraine’s president said the opposite is the reality. First, airports and military bases near the border were targeted and got hit, then Russian tanks trooped into the country from north, east, and south.

All the statements of Putin were false. He tried to recapture Ukraine under Russia again. He made an irrational statement that he wanted people inside Ukraine to be safe from genocide and bullying. This is little information about the recent trendy topic Russia and Ukraine war. There is the cause and the history both inside this article; read the details carefully to know more. Russia is being dominant over Ukraine and wants to capture it and add it to Russia back again, but Ukraine is revolting against it, and the US is supporting Ukraine in this matter.

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