Termination of Employment Contracts in the UAE without Notice


Labour and Employment Lawyers are well aware of the conditions under which an Employment Contract can be ended. Especially as per new UAE Labour Law. For example, if employees want to, terminate the contract on probation then he will serve 30 Days’ notice period and if the employee wants to leave the country UAE, then just 14 days will be the maximum probation period. Usually, the terms and conditions of the termination of an employment contract are clearly stated in the contract signed at the time of employment offer. The employer and employee must be, agreed upon some points. Therefore, the employee and the employer must understand all the terms and conditions of the Labour and Employment Contract. An Employer in the UAE can end the employment contract of any of its employees in the below-mentioned cases:

-The employee who submitted the false education and work documents to his company or any other government institute.

-When employee becomes a reason of big losses in company to company and to bosses.

-When employee does not fulfil company policy and its safety policies as well as its inside work policies.

-When company loses a handsome tangible and intangible value.

-When employee creates a politics inside the company.

-When employee discloses the confidential information and the secret content of the business e.g. like bidding, like work secrets, work protocols etc

-When employee stops others to perform the work duties.

-When employee tries to take the clients and sales to another Law Firms.

-The employee who is found using drugs, alcohol or even drunk at work place.

-When employee does not fulfil his, responsibilities.

-When company condition is not good.

Another UAE Labour Law Aspect: Let’s Discuss Here

Employers face various issues from their employees and have to look for solutions to manage such situations. Nowadays, technological advancements have made our lives easier on one hand but have also made things difficult to some extent. Each individual has access to the best recording devices through the latest smartphones. This has made it difficult for employers to keep their data confidential as well as to ensure that the privacy of other employees is not breached in any way.

It is important for employers to understand that if the privacy of an employee is breached at the workplace, the employer is responsible for the consequences. Therefore, it is essential that employers have proper guidelines in place to ensure that their employees respect the privacy of other employees and understand the consequences of any breach of privacy.

These Advocates understand the laws and regulations surrounding the breach of privacy and can guide employers in handling any situation related to breach of privacy and confidentiality. Furthermore, these lawyers can also help employers by adding related clauses in employment contracts to ensure that any action on the part of employers does not cause any legal issues for the employers.

Apart from the breach of privacy of other employees, data confidentiality is a serious concern for organizations. Organizations have various documents and files that contain confidential information. These documents are very important for an organization and if confidential information about the organization is leaked to a third party, it can cause serious problems for the organization. Therefore, it is very important for employers to ensure that their employees do not leak any confidential information or misuse recording devices in any way.

Labour and Employment Lawyers can not only help employers in taking precautionary measures before the breach of privacy but can also help in case an employee leaks confidential information or causes harm to another employee through the breach of privacy. In such cases, it is essential to consult a lawyer as soon as possible so that the situation can be managed without any serious harm to the employer or its employees.





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