The Best and Bad Things about France

About france

France boasts of being one of the most elegant and diverse places within Europe. The most prominent facet about France is its graceful internal environment and amiable climate. This facilitates adequate prospects for the development of tourism, and we can verify this by statistics that suggest that France is the most visited country in the world.

The alpine tops and the shore containing the Atlantic sea, the Mediterranean and the Channel boost the aesthetic appeal of France. Moreover, the varied assortment of national parks, regional parks, and other similar natural projects are a definite attraction for tourists.

Let’s take a short tour of some of the interesting things about France:

1. Culinary Finesse: The French are credited with some of the best recipes in the world and are undoubtedly formidable contemporaries in the world of food. Éclairs, Croissants, and Macarons can kick the taste buds of many, and that’s why the French have a lot of admirers of their delicacies.

An overwhelming number of around 70 admirable restaurants await you for offering some of the finest French delicacies with impeccable service.

2. The Wine: Being the world’s leading exporter of wine, France vouchers for providing selected brands and variations of wines. The French are known as great wine connoisseurs. So you won’t be disappointed with French wine.

3. Love in France description: Paris is anointed as the “City of Love” not for some random causes but the remarkable elements such as the Eiffel Tower, Montmartre, and other tourist attractions.

The majority of the world’s population prefers Paris as a prominent honeymoon destination. France has done its contribution to love with the addition of expressions such as “Amour” and “French Kiss” to global vocabulary.

4. Heritage landmarks: The presence of historical cathedrals and chateaux such as the Mont St Michel or the Loire Chateaux tedium appropriately proves the elegance of these sites.
The number of UNESCO heritage sites in France is 41and a reason for serious contemplation in a country favored as a tourist’s paradise. Though it may lag behind its contemporaries, France has shown an indomitable repute of maintaining its historical fabric.

5. English friendly locales: The list of interesting things about France cannot exclude the benefit of using English as a language for communication.

Tourist information centers can be found at almost every location and major tourist destinations in France have multilingual guides for the convenience of tourists.
Conversations with natives won’t yield any prolific results as they can offer either scorn or blabber in French.

Now let us take a look at some fun facts about France:
1. France had a stupendous tourist influx of 83 million in 2012
2. Paris was a Roman city that went by the name of “Lutetia.”
3. There is only a single “STOP” sign in the whole of Paris
4. You can marry a dead person in France in case you are harboring such fantasies
5. In an interesting incident during World War II, the French clipped off the cables on the Eiffel tower during Hitler’s visit to Paris. This was done in case Hitler wanted to go to the top; he would have to climb his way up the

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