The Most Effective Resume Format for 2022 With Pros and Cons

Resume format

Resume is the first thing that a recruiter will look for and will decide your future in the company.

What makes your resume better than others so better so you stand out from the crowd.

Many people think that they just have to fill in the necessary details and their skills with experience in the resume but that’s not all.

Presenting the details in a suitable resume format is very important in such a competitive era. A good resume can make or break your career, so be careful while choosing the right format that can describe your abilities effectively.

The 3 most common Resume Formats

Chronological Resume Format 

The chronological resume format is the most popular resume format in the year 2022. It is a widely used resume format.  

In this format work history is listed in chronological order. Your most recent position will be listed first, followed by each of your previous positions, listed in descending order. 


  • Best thing about a chronological resume is that it is ATS friendly, that means all the information in your resume will easily be passed by any ATS.
  • This is the resume preferred by every recruiter. This will help the recruiter to have a better understanding of your profile.


  • If you have had switch your jobs frequently then be careful before using this resume format because this shows all the companies you have worked in and that will show a negative impact on recruiters
  • Not good for those who just begin their career and don’t have work experience because they are shown on the top.

Functional Resume Format

Functional resume format is the best resume format for the beginners. When you lack work experience but possess skills then this is the best format for you.

A functional resume’s goal is to highlight transferable skills rather than concentrating on a chronological review of your professional background.


  • Helps you the best, if you are a frequent job switcher because the major focus is on skills and not on work history.
  • Best for freshers as it focuses on relevant skills rather than work experience. Even if you’re a freelancer it will only highlight your skills.


  •  Most of the ATS is unable to fetch the details from a functional resume.
  •  It is not a widely accepted resume format by recruiters. It hardly seems convincing.

Combination Resume Format

Combination resume format is the resume format that combines both the aspects of chronological and functional resume format.

In this resume format the focal point is your skills. This section comes at the top of the combined resume, below your contact information.This resume starts with skills and follow-up with most recent job and professional experience and achievements.


  • This format also possesses the same advantages as reverse chronological resume, it is also ATS friendly. ATS fetch all the required details from the resume.
  • It is also helpful in hiding the gaps in employment and focusing on professional skills you pursue. 


  • It is a very time consuming resume format since you have to highlight your skills with experience.
  • If you are a beginner or fresher then you should not go with this format as you lack experience and professional skills.

Key Takeaways

  • Selecting a proper resume format is as essential as creating a professional resume. One should select a format wisely according to their past experience and relevant skills.
  • There are 3 most common resume formats: chronological resume format,
  • functional resume format, and combined resume format.
  • Every format has its advantages and disadvantages, so select a resume format keeping their pros and cons in mind.


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