Tips To Name Your Boat

Name your boat

It is crucial to choose an interesting and suitable name for a boat. It has been said by the lore of the sea that altering the name of some boat will bring bad luck. However, a ceremony exists for renaming a boat. This claims to aid one in avoiding Poseidon’s wrath. Nevertheless, most boaters select carefully when they want to name their boat. You will probably want to choose a unique name that reflects your personality and also that of the boats.

The following are some tips to help you choose a good name for the boat:

Keep it brief 

You should keep the boat’s name very brief. Try and make it one or two words. Three words can be chosen on rare occasions.

Keep in mind that it must be short so that it can easily fit upon a transom. The name should also be simply understood when there is a VHF radio broadcast.

Naming it after a loved one 

You may have seen that traditionally it was appropriate to name the boat after some special women in the individual’s life. You can look at different boats named like this in the past.

Nowadays you can name the boat after any loved one that you have. It does not have to be a woman!

Hobby or profession 

You may not have known this but boat names which reflect your profession or even hobby that you enjoy are common.

They are exciting and give you a feeling of satisfaction. A doctor may choose a name like “Doctor’s Orders” for instance.

Puns or double-meanings 

If you are thinking to use puns and double-meanings, this is amazing. When someone sees the name, they may think that you are a witty person. The name is fun and clever.

Match the boat 

Do not only think about a name that will reflect your identity. Choose one that matches the boat as well. The features of the boat must be kept in mind as well.

For example, if a firefighter has a high-performance boat, they may think about naming it “Fire-Breather”.

Famous songs, movies 

It is fine to name the boat after some famous song, movie, or other cultural arts that you enjoy. However, there must be a nautical theme present.

There are boats named like this. For example, you may have seen one named “The Black Pearl”.


 Boats are usually named entertainingly. It feels amazing when you can make people laugh after they have looked at the name on the transom.

If you are feeling pressured and do not know how to choose a name, you can get professional help in the area that you stay, like Boat Names Australia. Do your research and spend time creating something amazing so that you will not want to change it later on. Just like people, boats usually seem to also have a personality. Get to know about your boat. Do not worry if it is taking time to name the boat.

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