Types Of Floor Tile Design Make The Living Room

Types Of Floor Tile Design Make The Living Room

The living room is considered to be the whole face of the family. Guests come to play, the room for the first impression is also the living room, so in design, the living room should be designed so that the living room is luxurious, lovely and even comfortable.

For those who do not specialize in interior design; choosing tiles for the living room is not an easy task. Nowadays, there are many types of floor tiles with different designs and sizes. Because of this, the choice of floor tiles is more difficult. Cruso surface presents you with living room floor tiles that are suitable for the living room, and express elegance and genre for the entire space.

 1. The pattern of a metal nut

With metal patterns, these are a relatively new type of brick in the Indian market but have been well received by the Indian market with positive feedback. Metal tile with the transparent surface, not covered with glass but naturally planted. Having a metal pattern can create a light reflection for the room. This will definitely be the right brick line for a luxurious and stylish room.

 With metal patterns of different sizes and colors for customers, a more diverse choice for your room. For the living room, you need white, if you choose neutral colors, bold print is also a soft choice, choosing colors is as easy as possible to coordinate with the furniture. Avoiding too many colors will depress the audience.

2. Woodgrain bricks

Until now, wooden bottles of grain have become a relatively popular choice in the Indian market. Wooden tiles are designed with wood grain, and if they are only seen with the naked eye, it is difficult to know whether it is natural wood or not. The choice of tiles of wood nuts for the living room will create a luxurious and comfortable space.

 Peanut wood tiles also have a variety of colors, sizes and finishes for you to choose that best suits your family room. There is no need to argue too much about the benefits of wood grain Polished glazed porcelain tiles because we can easily see the economy and aesthetics of this type of brick. Not only natural wood color, but wooden nuts also have many other colors, such as white, blue, red, to make various selections. However, the colors did not lose the natural appearance of the wood fibers.

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3. Brick nut pattern

Inspired by rare natural stones, tiles of stone patterns are born to bring natural beauty and elegance to any space. It is the fine stones that make the room dull that cannot be carried by normal ceramic tiles.

 Stone pattern tiles also have many surfaces from glass to matte, so customers have more choices, not only for the living room but also for the bathroom, kitchen, etc. create unity for the whole house.

4. Cement brick grains

Cement brick is also welcomed by the Indian market, but also a flexible choice for the living room. With this pattern, it is suitable for making wall tiles. A matte finish will make the room more luxurious.

Each type of brick pattern, each color has its own characteristics. When choosing floor tiles for the living room, you need to choose the right color of the floor tiles, suitable for the living room and interior area. Come to Cruso surface for advice on the best options.

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